Funk Facial Plastic Surgery – Unsuitable and Pathetic


Funk Facial Plastic Surgery – Unsuitable and Pathetic

Funk Facial Plastic Surgery - Unsuitable and Pathetic

Funk Facial Plastic Surgery – Unsuitable and Pathetic

September 15, 2021



Dr. Etai Funk claims to be an expert in the cosmetic procedures of head and neck. But the various Dr Funk reviews on the web suggest that he is no specialist. 

He has a reputation for giving the same nose to every client and he doesn’t listen to his patients, especially the ethnic ones. 

If you’re looking into him, be sure to give the below reviews a read: 

Dr. Etai Funk, MD: The Silver Tongued Devil Scamming Clients At Funk Facial Plastic Surgery

Funk Facial Plastic Surgery is located in Houston, Texas. Their address is 952 Echo Ln #140, Houston, TX 77024, US. They open from 9 AM to 5 PM on weekdays and their contact number is 713-636-2757. 

Dr. Etai Funk runs this clinic and claims to be the best facial plastic surgeon in Houston. He performs face lifts, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, and several other procedures. Dr. Funk specializes in ENT treatments and head & neck plastic surgery. 

He received his medical degree from the University of Texas Medical School. 

No matter how good the average Dr Funk rhinoplasty cost may be, it seems it’s simply not worth it. The various reviews on his practice tell that you should stay miles away from this guy. 

Dr. Funk Doesn’t Care About His Ethnic Patients, Botches Their Procedures

Jess shares that Dr. Funk knows what to say but doesn’t deliver. He doesn’t care about his patients, particularly the ethnic ones, according to Jess.

She hired him for a rhinoplasty and he delivered an ugly and deformed nose. Jess shares that she feels at her lowest now because of this botched procedure. 

Dr. Funk Gives the Same Nose to Everyone

Mandy had taken her daughter to Funk Facial Plastic Surgery and shares that she hasn’t met a doctor as careless and incompetent as Dr. Funk. 

Her daughter had shown him a picture of the kind of nose she wanted but he didn’t care. The nose he photoshopped looked nowhere like the nose she wanted. Instead, it looked like the nose he delivers to most of his patients. 

He simply doesn’t care. 

Incorrect Dysport Procedure Gave a Droopy Eye and a Knot on Forehead

Sally had seen Dr. Funk to get dysport and she was very nervous. She shares that he was very cold and unfriendly during the procedure with terrible bedside manner. 

Sally had told him that she wanted to look natural and be able to move her eyebrows. However, he gave her a giant knot on her forehead which stayed purple for days. On top of that, he gave her a droopy eye and eyebrow.

Sally points out that her face is totally frozen and she can’t open her eyes normally. 

Terrible Rhinoplasty at Funk Facial Plastic Surgery & Poor Bedside Manner (With Photos)

This was a painful read. The above reviewer had a devastatingly poor experience with Dr. Funk. She had a dorsal hump, bulbous tip, and deviated septum. He assured her that he will fix these issues but he worsened the deviated septum, left the tip bulbous and gave her a chronic runny nose. 

During her follow ups, he injected a steroid in the tip of her nose to bring down swelling but it didn’t do anything. He realized that she was unhappy about the tip so he stopped calling her for follow ups. 

She shares that the bedside manner at Funk Facial Plastic Surgery is terrible. She was changing her gauze pad every 30 minutes the night of surgery and they didn’t give her anything for the pain. 

Her deviated septum is still bad. She says that it was the worst $10,000 she has ever spent. 

Later, the reviewer updated her review and pointed out that she will need a revision surgery. There are still breathing issues and septal deviation. During this period, she bled horribly and had black and swollen eyes. 

Still, Dr. Funk never bothered to call her or set up a follow up appointment. Below are the reviewer’s pictures: 

Dr Funk Reviews You Must Read: 

Fake Funk Facial Plastic Surgery Reviews: How Dr. Etai Funk Tried Manipulating Ratings On Yelp And Failed Miserably

As you can see, Dr. Etai Funk and his clinic, Funk Facial Plastic Surgery have a ton of negative reviews. Instead of focusing on his practice and trying to fix the issue, Dr. Funk resorted to unethical ways to bury these complaints. 

He posted fake positive reviews on the Yelp profile of his clinic. Luckily, Yelp’s advanced algorithms caught those fake reviews and highlighted them as reviews “that are not currently recommended”. 

At the time of writing this review, Funk Facial Plastic Surgery’s Yelp page has 3 flagged reviews. 

It’s a horrible strategy shady medical practitioners use to mislead consumers. Dr. Etai Funk isn’t the only guy who uses this method to mislead clients. A Dallas-based notorious surgeon, Dr. Steven White also uses this tactic to hide the reality from his clients. 

Fake reviews allow these people to bury the complaints and make it seem as if they are perfect. 

Review Verdict

I found at least 37 complaints against Dr. Funk online. There might be more. This goes to show just how many procedures he has botched. 

Keep in mind that many people hesitate to share their negative experience online particularly when it’s related to something this personal. So, there can easily be a lot more victims of this terrible surgeon. 

In any case, it would be best if you found a different plastic surgeon in Houston and avoided Dr. Funk. 

2.5Expert Score
Dr. Funk isn’t Worth the Price

Dr. Funk claims to be an expert in head and neck surgeries. Still, he has botched countless procedures and doesn’t seem to acknowledge his fault. He isn’t worth the risk, find someone better.





  • None
  • Failed too many procedures
  • Uses unethical tactics to get clients
  • Too many negative reviews
  • Rude and unhelpful staff

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