Kimberly Ann Reyes — The Woodlands, Texas – Dirty Ex


Kimberly Ann Reyes — The Woodlands, Texas – Dirty Ex

Kimberly Ann Reyes — The Woodlands, Texas - Dirty ExTHE DIRTY EX:

Kim, wife to Jay, mother to David, is as fake as they come. She presents herself and her family as a “christian family” Meanwhile that couldn’t be further from the truth. She sends nude pics to literally every man that comes and goes in her life. Her evil doings have pushed her family over the edge, even making her sister commit suicide from her actions. Her son is home schooled by her now due to his friends finding nude pics and stories of her cheating online. Her poor husband Jay has no idea what she does when he leaves for work each day. De she sets up webcams and does drugs while performing sexual acts with her son in the room. Its absolutely disgusting. She pretends to be allergic to sunlight among other things, but that’s all a ploy for her to be able to stay home and work her sexual deviant desires on others. Shes just a fat lazy slob, a burden on her entire family. So much they couldn’t handle any more of her bullshit. Mom, dead, Dad, dead, Sister, dead. All from her actions. A word to anyone that comes in contact with her, sexually, double up if you dare, she claims to be allergic to condoms as well but that’s a lie, shes proud to be spreading her HIV and numerous other STDs around. She says she wants everyone to “have a piece of her for the rest of their lives.” She used to frequent dubstep parties in the Houston area and is known to have hooked up with many men almost every one of those nights. Please, get tested if you have ever come in contact with this psychopath! Don’t be fooled by her fake t**s, they may look nice, but there’s pure evil underneath! When you see her f****d up nose you will understand… Shes a witch! I hope her husband Jay, his family members, someone in her “church” sees this and alerts him/them of her actions, he does not deserve this! Ps… Jay… shes been f*****g your landlord! When the balcony was being redone, wanna know why it took so long? She was busy f*****g him! Shes also been f*****g her long time friend thats apparently gay, yeah hes not gay, hes bi, and still is in contact with her ex sharing nudes and online s*x/phone s*x. Master manipulator, compulsive liar, w***e, drugged up loser spreading STDs everywhere she goes. Run fast! Run far!

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