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Teresa Arasheben | 1105950

Teresa Arasheben | 1105950Complaint / review text:
Teresa Arasheben who resides in California has come to this website to attack her daughter and call her a narcissist among other things. Teresa has made atrocious allegations against her daughters father with absolutely ZERO evidence to prove those allegations. Until Teresa can provide evidence of her allegations, she should remain silent.

Published at Wed, 15 Sep 2021 12:35:1 GMT


  1. Teresa arasheben terry raven comes on this website to harass me she is a deranged narcissist

    • Teresa arasheben has come on these websites to victimize others and harass people she is nothing but a narcissist who harasses me continuously she is a evil wicked monster of a mother with her false allegationsI hope someday somebody makes her stand before a judge jury and God .Teresa arasheben goes around posting False reports against innocent people who she Accuses Of being sex predators sex trafficking drug attic’s sex offenders animal abusers alcoholics sociopath psychopaths Rapists murderers regardless of the consequences she may have to face for her false allegations Teresa arasheben an all your other false names you use I see you found yourself another victim your OWN DAUGHTER .you are nothing but a EVELwicked monster of a mother with a pig of a nose like yourself I come here on my own accord to let the world know you harass me an my husband an now your daughters father with no evidence.once again Teresa violet arasheben try’s to Manipulate her victims by exposing and posting false complaints she’s done this to other people on the website that I am aware of if necessary I will post she is a dangerous deranged sick woman.watch her videos on you tube she is a tit less animal with a big nose her surgeon did her dirty on that one for sure I hope people this proves Teresa arasheben is nothing but a menace to society she goes around making false reports and uses other peoples names and attempts to destroy their character and their life and attempts to put them in harms way by posting false complaint scams to ruin their lives with no evidence at all she is full of hatred and she gets off on hurting others in order to make her a more Disgusting mother she is stay clear of this estranged evil wicked mean woman

      • Teresa arashenben you trouble maker Go blow your dad some more and shut your mouth Child predator

        • I read this complaint ,A few things that concern me when I come on these sites is the ‘gross information’,And those who view. However based on what I read one should take precautions, of the woman they speak of ,

        • This woman sounds,disgusting.violent and weird..who cannot,control,her impulses.It’s mortifying to see a mother victimizing her own child,.as well as the father.my prayers,,go out to dad ,and daughter,,the mother sounds dangerous.boy what a coward horrific.she should leave the family alone.I am a very loving mother,and protect my family.never would I ever harm any of my children.I love an protect ,all my children, I find it extremely pathetic to hear of any mother talking trash about their own child they gave birth to.

        • When you’re posting false atrocious allegations, against your own child and they know the things you were saying are completely false. After your child sees you damage them, you kill your child’s. Whatever happens later the damage that’s done it’s too late after your child sees you are to powerless ,to protect them Whatever changes later things will change between You .

      • Stop with your false accusations And allegations you monster horrible mother you are leave big daddy alone

        • Teresa arasheben has filed false documents on me ,and if you see her in person spit in her face?see if she can smile without force .Teresa LOOSER get a life .

          • Well spitting on others is Very gross. My ex used to spit on me all the time .I wouldn’t even know how to explain the feeling of anger it will bring out in another human.It’s shocking to see a mother victimize her own daughter and it’s a damn shame. So shame the fuck on the mother . What I want to know is how can any mother stoop so low attacking her daughter on a ridiculous website yet alone her daughters father um go figure .It is very sad.It ain’t right , I wonder what this mother thinks she will benefit by attacking her own daughter on this horrible horrific awful mean nasty false website.I feel sorry for the daughter, an her father .There is no excuse for this Vicious mom. Can anyone explain because I certainly do not understand not one iota.

        • A mother should always have her daughters best interest.‘ I’m not angry,I’m not upset ,I’m furious.I just feel the daughter and father deserve justice.And all of her other victims.Justice for all .The mother sounds like ,a huge problem ,and it’s a growing problem.”Says me .I feel threatening your daughter——an father is cold blooded and heartless.And Viciously attacking them ,with zero evidence .Sounds to me like a scorned Vindictive mother.May god help her dark blackened, soul.

      • Is Teresa arasheben a troublemaker chomo or a whore with a 🐷 🕵️‍♀️ pig nose her 🐶 chewed oh ya that’s right never mind Teresa arasheben is both a PIG AND A CHOMO

    • Teresa arasheben go blow your dad somemore and shut your fucking mouth Child predator narcissist sociopath psychotic liar

      • Teresa I don’t know you.
        If I were you ,I really truly ,
        Would remain silent .
        Just thought you could ,use some valuable information.

    • Teresa arasheben child abuser Narcissist sociopath criminal trial predator go blow your dad some more and shut your fucking mouth

      • Hey Kathy,you don’t know me, and you don’t need to know me ,I agree she may be an abusive child ,’abuser ‘from what I have read in this complaint.as well as a Narcissist,sociopath,I’m shocked to say the least…Two wrongs don’t make it right.we all are very aware the woman is ,disturbed ,KATHY is it really Necessary,TO PIG TALK and maybe ,Kathy you might consider closing your mouth ,

      • I hate to see There are weirdos out there.Glad to hear the daughter is safe
        With her father.Hope they are doing well.I hate to read crap like this. I never heard ,of a mother posting ,crap on her child.Or in any matter .making a spectacle of her own children ,does this mother, no justice.

      • Teresa sounds like a very angry lady. Sounds like teresa ,could use a mental -health—evaluation.Parenting classes or anger-management classes and domestic violence classes and some kind of therapy.These services are meant to help . .Hopefully she will voluntarily, get help.Teresa has to prove the allegations,she posted.she should just admit she is wrong, and change her life. What does Papandrious evidence mean .Teresa it is a mere shame ,what I’ve read.

    • What a horrible horrible horrible mother you are truly you need some serious psychiatric help clearly everyone in the world knows Theresa

    • WOW!!! This web site?
      OH REALLY?
      I’m sorry I hope she feels well and she’s done attacking you tori.

    • A I few things still concern me.’gross information‘ from this website , and those who view these websites, based on what I’ve read One should take precautions, Of this individual.

  2. WOW my story begins with Teresa was in county jail with me .And when she found out I was getting released she literally begged me an offered me cash an favors she would owe if I harassed her daughter an the daughters father . And no one will forget how she claimed she was a innocent victim of no soap half the girls in the pod put soap an shampoo on her bunk for she stunk an she Still wouldn’t take a shower and all the other inmates complained she Wouldn’t shower and she smelled like a rhino and Teresa arasheben wanted to make trouble for everyone. And trouble is what she got the god fearing inmates were going to give her a shower for stealing the other inmates Commissary.Teresa arabheben rolled up an went to Protective custody.Rumor had it she also tried to do sexual favors for commissary an claimed the guards abused her for hosing her an her cell she Defecated all over herself and rubbed it all over her cell an herself.So she could go to the Psychiatric ward to Get away from all the other inmates she pissed off.Last anyone heard from her someone saw her strapped to a chair on their way to court.She was strapped to a chair for spitting on people.That was the guards way of showing her stability.Her crime remained a mystery to the other inmates.Rumors were she was an animal abuser she raped other animals.Teresa Arasheben remember me I’m your worst nightmare you Piece of shit.where’s my money you owe me .So I agree Teresa at Arashenben shut your fucking mouth .

    • Teresa arasheben go take a hot shower an blow your daddy some more only a pig harasses children I hear you are gross trouble maker zip it

    • Teresa go rub more poop all over yourself lol rumors have it you abuse an rape animals I hate you don’t. EVER touch me again keep your paws off me
      Teresa have you registered yet CHOMO alumni jail bird teresa has no conscience severely mentally ill disturbed dangerous shut your Fuchs mouth leave big papas alone

        • Teresa Arasheben ,you know -you have victimized many people .YOU………….filed a false complaint on me ,because I wouldn’t let you live with me.That wasn’t cool,to file a false complaint on me .And you didn’t tell the truth Teresa . I have not forgotten. I can see you being a freak! And a monster of a mother. No doubt.absolutely.Teresa how many false complaints, do you file per day? How many victims do you have ?

      • Oh my …
        Teresa arasheben
        Do your buttcheeks
        Do you have a clown fetish ???
        Ya da your a looser baby
        We never we’re friends lol

      • Pookiee are you okay?……. Want me to report her for animal abuse , well don’t you worry.

      • What a scumbag ho, Teresa Arasheben,you are vile ,Diarrhea. Gross trouble making ,no good for nothing two timing ,cold blooded Psychopath, sociopath, fake phony ,stupid naive. Your not cool one bit .disgusting disgusting 🤮 disgusting 🤢 you make me wanna puke.

    • Thanks stublessshorty I never knew Teresa raped animals I only heard she was a Child pedophile

      • I’m pretty sure she doesn’t rape animals who’s to say if she abuses them or not I’m clueless

        • Well she certainly is abusing her daughters father and her daughter such a shame it Disgusting.

        • Trust that there is beauty amongst the chaos.we should all hope and pray .and dad ,don’t let folks hurt you ,that don’t represent the heart of Christ.

      • When A child has been left alone because his mother can’t afford childcare and has to go to work,Is that poverty or neglect? When a parent lands in jail for stealing, and blames it on her child , It’s beyond neglect.What if the child has been injured because her parent is in jail, stealing ,saying she had to do it for the child. If your child is removed from you, because you were sitting in jail, for being a career criminal .
        you remove the child from your own life. The children sit and wait for the parent to come home, and soon the child, Forgets about the parent that is in jail.when a child has to FEAR , her own mother. The courts remove the child from her mother . Teresa what a mere shame you are.
        The courts removed you from all your children.Leave your daughters father alone .Haven’t you done enough damage to your daughter. Your daughter will never support,your evil ways.TERESA ARASHEBEN ,YOU ARE A MONSTER.And I feel sorry for your daughters father and your daughter.

      • Teresa Arashenben makes videos, of herself abusing animals. She is also is a registered offender. For abusing CHILDREN AND ANIMALS. Any one can look her up on the internet, it is free public information. Teresa arashenben you’d better leave your daughter alone, By fucking with your daughters father ,you’re fucking with your daughter. It doesn’t look good on your camp One should see all your red flags , And take precautions yes based on what I’ve read you are like a severe thunderstorm . –

    • Stublessshorty someone needs to tie Teresa’s hands together so she can’t post false Atrocious allegations and if you ask me the warden needs to keep her spit mask on her permanently

    • I as well agree , this mother needs to remain silent . And leave the kid and dad alone. I think this mother is ,Disgusting 🤮 . I’ve Never heard of a mother, viciously attacking her own daughter.

    • Teresa Arasheben,your father ,is your uncle ,your dad ,and boyfriend. Your dad took your virginity!you had four children ,wit( your dad,and u robed your mom.u rape Autistic,helpless children !an u have a pig 🐽 nose. 😢 so ,so,sad.your hair is fried ,and stinks, like Parmesan cheese.

  3. Why hasn’t someone duck taped her mouth shut with the gross spit mask

    • Probably because it’s against the law and that wouldn’t be cool would you want that done to you

    • So with zero evidence this mother is attacking her daughter, with ZERO evidence. Posting defamatory false accusations. Butt why ? Because the mothers Relationship, didn’t work out with the father. I take it this mother is A drug attic, raging alcoholic, a narcissist herself. My prayers go out to the father, and children. And prayers For the vindictive, evil wicked ,monster of a mother. May she knock her crap off.

    • Teresa arashenben Is a SERIAL,stalker,And, a career criminal she is also a child abuser and she abuses men as well please take care of her she is headed back home which is prison.

  4. Go get a restraining order against her so she can hang it on her wall with the rest of her restraining orders.

    • Hi Teresa arasheben! ! I am truly sorry 😢. That you are Viciously, attacking your daughter. She is not a narcissist. And you have zero evidence, so you come onto these horrific horrible websites, with zero evidence ,harassing ,your daughters father.so ,sorry ,as a mother! to see you,stoop so low. Harassing your daughter,such a shame ,that you have to be so mean, nasty ,tori posts that you make are awful. And very untrue. And you have posted a bunch of untrue posts, about , tori .so tori ,Is old enough to be your granddaughter.really what in the heck ,is wrong with you. I understand you rape children. Artistic, poor little helpless children.What I don’t understand is why , you were out of jail, especially with all your victims. I’m surprised they haven’t locked you up and throw the key away. What kind of a mother are you, your supposed to set an example, for your child. You’re not supposed to call your daughter a Narcissist.when you harass the father ,you are harassing your daughter. I wonder what your probation thinks about all the complaints,they are going to receive about you.

  5. Teresa is heartless she don’t care who’s feelings she hurts opening her mouth I agree she really should remain silent and leave her daughter and ex alone I see karma made a appearance

    • I know she should remain silent Teresa is a horrible mother such a monster Teresa you need serious help it sounds like they say you are a dangerous Deranged child abuser You make atrocious allegations against your daughters father and you call your daughter a narcissist shut your fucking mouth Honey sweetie pie

  6. She’s messing with family if she were smart she would remain silent but she couldn’t an didn’t keep her mouth shut I wanna know how Teresa is going to make amends what she did to the family

    • I know Teresa Arasheben needs to be slapped silly .
      Someone needs to slap her smile off her face fuck chomos dog

  7. Hey Teresa pick on someone your own size I’ll tell you what why don’t you leave your daughter an your daughters father alone an come harass me enstead im in great shape leave the innocent child alone an leave that poor man alone

    • When the humans are too close to finding you an you gotta become the glock ness monster

  8. Teresa leave your daughter an her father alone why are you harassing them have you no decency?……

    • Mala madero Elsa es tu excusa pot set una mala mama?El ser una made ,esta increiblemente ,penalizado..Teresa es una mala. Madre.Que verguenza .Oracion por papa.Mama’ cierra la boca. Por que no te callas? Que sucede contiguous . Teresa esta trastornada.Y a dangerous criminal.Ella seguira siendo tu billetera.

  9. Teresa arasheben says she’s innocent and I know she’s a liar who needs to make things right leave your daughters father an your daughter alone look in the mirror tell me Teresa what do you see

    • Teresa is a mean nasty mom leave big daddy alone stop making trouble You have absolutely ZERO Evidence for your false Allegations

  10. Very sad Teresa victimized her daughters father an her own daughter what kind of a human does this I feel sorry for the family please whoever wrote this please let me know anyway I can help I mean it

    • I’m trying to stay out of this because I don’t want Teresa attacking me again even though I’m sad and shocked she is behaving this way attacking her daughter

  11. May Teresa’s daughter be blessed with extra strength and wisdom may god blow warmth an happiness an joy wealth health if your reading this honey it’s not your fault and you have done nothing wrong and neither has your father your mother is mentally ill and it’s not her fault she needs a lot of help your mother is off her medication and she loves you and she loves your father to your mom has chemical imbalances she was born that way an I’m gonna pray you an your daddy are not harmed by mommas illness

  12. Teresa are there cameras in front of your house dear is someone watching your every move havnt you learned to shut your mouth yet so sad

  13. I warned you Teresa you need help darling please go turn yourself in and go back to the state hospital your safe there you have a big mouth an need to learn to shut it

  14. Teresa arasheben do you have a dark evil soul leave you daughter an you ex meaning this case your own daughter alone shut your mouth an leave everyone alone you’ve harrased me I havnt forgotten you

    • It’s still going
      Can’t stop
      Won’t stop
      My inspiring song is ohh ohh rub a dub voodoo music plus prayer tugalug sessions I believe in the first amendment

      • Teresa from what I’ve read, they are recommending, for you to get a Mental -HeLth Evaluation. It is a mere shame ,to victimize your own daughter.Your daughters father is a very nice man. And you are harming them both.when you harm dad ,the kid is affected as well.I just said a prayer for your daughter, and her father . Amen. Prayers for Teresa ,that she does the right thing. May the doctor give her the correct diagnosis for the mental illnesses, she suffers . Now wonder this child was taken out of her custody.Retaliation against your daughters father put your daughter in harms way.She should not make False allegations.Atrocious ones you have no proof of.how awful,your poor child has been injured, because her own mother Has no conscience ,and shows no remorse for anything she does in society.

  15. Have a Process sever from the courts shove a restraining order down her throat

  16. Yo dog real life ain’t right girl needs to shut it right not north not south Teresa Arasheben shut your mouth

  17. Teresa Arasheben go suck a mean one and leave your dad your daughters dad everyone’s dad alone
    Leave your daughter alone leave everyone’s children alone
    It’s best to walk away while you still can
    If I were you I’d take a hike
    You see your caught on Camera
    With you lies your busted

    • Fuck you blow me it’s true I’m a chomo but I’m in protective custody in prison ha ha I don’t have to remain silent if you know my secrets please don’t tell

  18. It’s October where the witches come out and play boo 👻 boo 😒 Teresa arasheben you should be scared to go back to prison chom child Pedophile

    • What a evil wicked mother she is .how terrible ….spit on her if you see her ,

  19. I Kunt wait!!!I love little baby ducks old pick up trucks slow moving trains and rain.
    And I love you two 😊 my favorite song to sing to children I used to sing it to my daughter and my father sung it to me

    • You are a gross idiot with a with a big schnauzer of a nose. Your dog it off your nose you can’t ever smile without force. Please be careful, be very careful, she injects her own face full of silicone and other crap spit on her face if you see her.She is missing a thumb because , She stole from so many people she got caught so they smashed her fingers with a hammer. That’s all she does is go around and post fake false phony complaints on other people.

      • Oh my gosh that is so mean .what and who gives
        Anyone the right to smash another’s hand?

    • You have the Nerve to show your face on this site and sing lullaby songs when you’re getting called a child predator and you’re harassing your own child that’s how you defend yourself hey lady you’re one sick twisted individual for sure

  20. A few things concern me,’gross information’ and, those who view these websites.Based on what I’ve read, one should take precautions against this individual this complaint was filed about.

  21. Teresa Fuchs you bitttchhhhhhyou still fucking with people YOU ARE A LIAR an a scank Scandalous ho what the hell is wrong with you

  22. She sounds like a cold blooded SociopathPsychopath.. she sounds so incredibly, disturbed, when a parent screams an yells , and posts defamatory remarks ,Needs their head examined.

  23. The first thing I think about is the children’s safety with this abusive mother’……period. This mother needs her head examined.

  24. Teresa arashenben HOW DARE YOU , you are an ignorant person. How many more false complaints have you posted. The internet police knows ,it is Illegal what you are doing. You…………. Are posting nothing but lies ,on other people.posting all these complaints , are going to land you back in prison. And when you go back I hope you laugh while sitting there all all alone .back in prison.cause it’s all fun and games till the cops show up. What a naive you are Teresa arashenben. You have a lot of Enemies . I don’t feel sorry for you. Go ahead post more crap on me. Your own children HATE you . Now that’s pretty bad , enjoy your freedom.

  25. Teresa YOU ….. Are a angry scorned woman. You have been posting. False defamatory USA complaints, on many people. I’m sorry your mom and dad sold you for child prostitution. I’m sorry your mother allowed your father to take away your virginity at the age of 12. Did your mom buy you a nose surgery job, and breast implants to make up for your father raping you? You have no evidence, for your false accusations. Did they let you out of jail for raping that autistic little boy. Haven’t you learned your lesson yet to stop victimizing children.

  26. Teresa you really piss me off , I’ve just About had it with your bullshit ,keep it up I will come find you and beat your fucking ass ,you don’t know me ,but if I See you, I’ll give you something to fucking remember me by you sick ass ho .Do what you want one to do to you ,just because you think it’s over it hasn’t even started yet cunt, I didn’t live my life this long for some fucking freak like you to just destroy people’s lives, you fucked with the wrong motherfucker. And when you least expect it, and when I meet you I will Butthead you so fucking hard you’ll go flying across the street run and hide bitch,Do you want to fuck with my kid in my family who the fuck do you think you are. You motherfucking loser,Teresa you think you’re a bad ass bitch ain’t nobody rape you you fucking rape autistic little kids you are scum of the earth. How dare you file all these false complaints I hope everybody gets together and comes and visits your house at the same time, are you home right now go to sleep everything‘s fine but I’ll personally be banging on your door when you least expect it we’ll see who laughs in the end ha ha Ha it ain’t over till the fat fucking lady sings ,Do you think you know how to beat the system so do I. You don’t know me from Buckingham you don’t know who I am you don’t know what I’m capable of doing how dare you fucking post bullshit with all your motherfucking lies you sick ass stupid dumb condescending vindictive scorned evil wicked nasty ass skank ho.you don’t think other humans have feeling what gives you the right you pray on innocent people and you accuse them of doing the things you are and what you’ve done yeah I know Your dad he is a very nice man what’s the matter he didn’t wanna fuck you no more your damn mom‘s boyfriend is the man you’re still fucking today he took your virginity and you loved it at the age of 12 so just go sleep with him and leave everybody else aloneYou killed your fucking dog Puba You have so many enemies if you disappeared today they wouldn’t know who to look atAnd I wanna know who the fuckDo you think you are what gives you the fucking right to mess with peoples lives see you soon bitch when you least expect it I will slap your smile right off your fucking Botox face WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT CUNT YOU NEED TO
    leave people alone you sick twisted bitch don’t you worry about me waiting in your bushes but you will pay I promise you this keep laughing 😂 you killed your dog fucking him sicko where’s puba?…what did you do to him rumor has it he bit your nose off because he hates you .And you were performing Lucid acts in the broad daylight and the cops came and you told them you were off your medication they arrested you anyways dumb bitch.

  27. HA !HA ! P

  28. I didn’t mean to say head butt you,I would never do that.I would bear mace you ,if you come around me or my family again.you have a restraining order, my wife filed on you ,I would have to protect my family, and myself,against,you. I see you are attacking ,your own daughter.and her father,HOW PATHETIC YOU ARE……so sad to hear it.you know,children, are innocent,and only know ,what you teach them. Just because a child ,turns eighteen. Doesn’t mean they aren’t babies,they,are still learning.and because your dog,doesn’t, listen did you kill pookie,and,puba? Okay for now.so you did kill pookie, and Pub-aaaa,please stop attacking your daughter and her father

  29. Teresa it’s sad to see you attacking your own daughter,And her father,I want you to leave children alone,my children,your children don’t call your daughter a narcissist. You know she is not a Narcissist. You are though, that’s not nice.

    • Teresa ,You dad is your uncle, the father of your children is your dad, stepdad, your dad took your virginity and from the age of 12, up till today, you still have sex with your dad . And you are gay,gay,gay, bisexual,prostitution pig nosed ,evil wicked, mean ,mean,butt faced dog.you know exactly,what I’m talking ,about. Your not nice , no one cares !&or for, a troublemaker.with herpes on your lips.Your one fucked up bitch head.

  30. My mother and my sister asked you to leave our family alone. I never thought I’d have to tell you leave your daughter alone. I can’t believe you would ,actually come on this website, and viciously attack your own daughter.And call her a narcissist of all things. You make atrocious allegations, with absolutely ZERO evidence none.why are you attacking your daughter. ,and her father,uncool,call me so my family, can help you.we will help you get the help ,you need ,such as Psychiatric help.my family said they will help ,you please just call us.we have some extra cash set aside ,just to help you Teresa,.prayers go out to your ,daughter,and her father. Thanks Everyday is a bran new beautiful day ,prayers for them both.please don’t make trouble for your daughter.CAN YOU PLEASE LEAVE YOUR DAUGHTER AND HER FATHER ALONE!!!!!!!


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