SHERRY BAPTISTE The granny RAPIST 101 36 Stradwick Rise Sw Calgary Alb …


SHERRY BAPTISTE The granny RAPIST 101 36 Stradwick Rise Sw Calgary Alb …

SHERRY BAPTISTE The granny RAPIST 101 36 Stradwick Rise Sw Calgary Alb ...

SHERRY BAPTISTE LIVES AT 101 36 Stradwick rise saw Calgary is a CHILD RAPIST Fauline and BLAZEY is in danger. They are just kids and getting Raped by his grandma Sherry
This is happening in her Calgary housing unit


recently diagnosed with cancer and you’re still fucking fighting people on the Internet stay home sickness get well you fucking jealous cunt die slow..


you fucking unfit grandmother always molesting your grandchildren and fondling them..


Sherry I’m gonna bash your mother next all over the site.

sherry Baptiste Cunt Cancer

Published at Mon, 13 Sep 2021 17:25:1 GMT


  1. Lazy fucking cunts

    Cancer Sherry Baptiste

    • I wonder what would happen if the police took your phone for evidence? What would they all find in there Trish Carla BigPlume?

      • I wonder what would happen if they took your fucking computers all your dirty whore WebCam Business and you’re fucking escorting business on there fuck you whores.

        I wonder what the government would do if they found out that you whore don’t pay taxes or actually do whores pay taxes when they sell themselves as Escort and webcamgirls Onlyfans tax payer

        • Lmfao they wouldn’t do nothing about that 😂 you’re so dumb learn the law, escorting is legal dumby

        • Those bitches don’t use band office computers, but they will find out its coming from you and at your work place

  2. Terry check your tit identical twins usually share the same diseases like they do Cocks hahaha

    Involve yourself cunt Terry Baptiste

  3. Terry Baptiste you’re just a fucking slot slut 🎰🤷🏽‍♀️🐷

  4. So what? Lmfao fighting other women for NO REASON at all WOW that’s crazy lmfao jealous for sure!

    • Maybe you bitches should think about fucking off how about that!!!

      The only reason why this keeps going on is because of that fucking skank whore Linda…

      Maybe you fucking whores should think about giving it a rest for once Like honestly Sherry Baptiste you’re sick quit fucking fighting other women…

      • Why? Lmfao
        You’re the one starting all this shit out of jealousy 😂
        Lmfao JEALOUS over someone being a skank that has nothing to do with you Trish Carla BigPlume that’s fucking funny
        A whores life that has nothing to do with you, bothers you lmfao

        • You bitches shouldn’t of started messaging my cousin in the first fucking place now we will finish it she doesn’t have to go out of her way to fight whores like you but we will

          • You’re cousin should learn in the first place how to treat kids and she won’t get away with shit like that, wow what type of women does that? Shame on you!

          • Trish Carla BigPlume shouldn’t be abusing little children! She’s going to learn her lesson

          • Logan Medicine Crane is a registered sex offender who fucks FAULINE so fuck you!! Maybe you should go to jail and learn a fucking lesson for sitting back and watching and masturbating while your granddaughter gets fucked by her step daddy

        • That whore can’t use our only fans letter of employment for housing lmfao 😂

          Tell me who is so uneducated that she hast to sell her fucking cunt online lmao

          Terry Baptiste you’re a fucking twit you probably have cancer in both your fucking tits hahahah

          • Obviously you still don’t know nothing about the Baptistes lmfao
            You’re uneducated Trish Carla BigPlume don’t even know the laws lmfao

      • You wait for those girls on these sites. Lmao if they are not on here you send friend request to them on Facebook
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    • Oh you really want to FIGHT hey bitch? Just fucking bringing everyone into your little Boy fight? You sure like to BASH everyone on your Trash site hey? Bashing people for NO fucking reason!

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    • So what? Lmfao what does it have to do with you?
      Trish Carla BigPlume ABUSED Dominic’s children and this is for real life!

      • Lmfao 😂

        Stepdaddy and logan is fucking FAULINE And the twits Sherry and Terry they sit back and watch that little bitch ass bastard get fucked

    • That lazy bitch Lindamae should’ve done something about it along time ago Trish doesn’t want those fucking kids in her house EVER!!! Pretty sure those kids are dead to her

  6. If those little bastards were my kids I would’ve charged her long time ago instead of just talking shit on the Internet but you’re just a lazy fucking bitch who learned from her lazy fucking bitch mother Sherry…

    Mother of the year goes to Linda Meh for doing fuck all for her kids getting abused by Trish

    Lmfao 😂
    Bullshit stories just like your bullshit Pussy

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  8. Obviously that fucking fat lazy bitch Lindamae can’t do shit for her kids if somebody was abusing my children I’d be fucking knocking down their doors and beating somebody and calling the cops but no not LindaMeh as long as she’s getting paid she’ll let anybody treat her bastards anyway..

    Everyone knows LindaMeh is a shitty ass mother she just lets her kids go on their tablets for hours on end that’s why that little bastard fauline ended up in the hospital she had a seizure because she’s always on her iPad that fat fucking bitch never takes her kids out she doesn’t even put them in any sort of sports or activities that’s why Blazy is so fucking fat BLAZEY has ADHD he should be more active instead that fucking bitch Lindamae just leave them in their room on their iPads while she’s getting fucked..

    Another report going into Child & Family Services