Am I being Catfished? How to Proceed?


Am I being Catfished? How to Proceed?

Am I being Catfished? How to Proceed?

UPDATE: she just told me that her “vagina is tingling” so uhh, yeah, she’s not real lmao; men, arousal doesn’t work like that.

I met this chick on a WLW dating app, we got talking and though I do think it’s a real person behind the account, I think they might not be who they claim to be.

I’ll list stuff about them, please let me know if you think she’s a catfish or not! It’s super hard to tell or want to believe when you’ve already forged an emotional attachment to the person.

Suspicious things:

I ran the number she gave me thru OkCaller, turns out she’s using a VoIP number (comes up as a landline, by Iristel inc. – which is a local VoIP service provider). I haven’t called or texted her yet, but this alone is a big red flag

Won’t give me her socials, or at least claims not to have any active ones. She says that she has an insta but she doesn’t use it much (I’m a bit of a pushover so I just let this one go)

she’s into me and tells me that she’s into me. She’s said that I was “cute” multiple times. Uhh look, maybe I’m just insecure, but does anyone else find it hard to believe that a pretty (not modelesque, more girl-next-door) 30 year old lady would be that into me – a fresh-out-of-highschool 18 year old child chick from asia? Like, yeah, miracles happen, but how often?

her pictures are kinda low quality

“Sometimes I forget that you’re only 18, I can’t believe you still want to talk to me” I’m flattered but I can’t tell if you genuinely mean this or if you’re uhh making fun of my stupidity ignorance

Things that make me question if she’s a catfish (aka gives me hope lmao):

She suggested meeting up. We don’t have a date yet, but she wants it to happen. This either means that she’s real or that the person behind it wants to, idk, murder or rob me or smth (although they’re willing to drive 66km to murder/rob a poor college student (rob)? Seems like a lot of effort)

She agreed to a possible video call. As in “I prefer an in-person date, we could try a video call if you really want to” or smth along those lines. I didn’t want to push her to do it during our convo (but I might later), also I’m not entirely confident about how I look so I’m not exactly eager about a video call either.

reverse image search gave me no results

I get emotionally attached easily, that’s why I don’t want to believe it, but also I’ve been suspecting this and it’s kinda not healthy. I’ll proceed by:

asking her for that video chat again

trying to get her to give me her supposed instagram (I need help on how to bring this up lmao)

possibly bring up the fact that her phone number’s a VoIP if I don’t pussy out (I also need help on bringing this up without seeming stalker-y)

I guess I’m asking:

do you think I’m being catfished?

What else should I ask her/do to verify/dispute my suspicions?

How do I not come off as a dick when asking her for these things?


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Published at Mon, 13 Sep 2021 05:33:12 GMT

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