i need help – not your everyday catfish story


i need help – not your everyday catfish story

i need help - not your everyday catfish story

there’s a lot to this story but i’ll try keep it short. i had tinder and i had these pictures of this random dude for a day when i signed up cause you had to add photos and i changed them a day later as i got photos of me together. i changed the photos but this girl i matched only saw the first photos of the random dude. she isn’t even from near me so i didn’t think it’ll go anywhere. but she’s someone i fw heavy like i haven’t met someone like her and i literally could talk to her all day. we relate so much and i enjoy talking to her. we’re the same age but she doesn’t know what i look like and it’s been 4 months… she’s even showed her friends and family the photos of the first dude. i wanted to reveal myself to here from the first day but i told my friend about this (we are no longer friends) and he told to not tell her the real me because if i did she would block me and if i did it’ll just all end and if i did then he would block me too because he doesn’t want me blaming him? i was literally stuck. if i told her the truth he convinced me the girl would hate me and that he would block me. i don’t understand why he done this and when i ask him he says it’s because he thought it was for the best and he felt some sort of jealousy? i don’t really understand why he told me to do this. but yeah that’s the situation and i revealed myself to the girl yesterday and am no longer friends with the other dude. what should i do next? i still want to try things with this girl and she said she enjoyed talking to me. my name, age, day to day texts and everything was all real the only thing that wasn’t was the way i looked. i’ve revealed photos of myself now and she is conflicted. what should i do can someone help. i feel so lost.

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Published at Sat, 11 Sep 2021 17:22:34 GMT

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