Logan Medicine Crane, registered sex offender, Calgary Alberta, Kiddie …


Logan Medicine Crane, registered sex offender, Calgary Alberta, Kiddie …

Logan Medicine Crane, registered sex offender, Calgary Alberta, Kiddie ...

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Logan Medicine Crane, registered sex offender, Calgary Alberta, Kiddie Diddler to his stepdaughter Fauline BIG CROW

This Logan medicine Crane and Lindamae Baptiste they always posting sexually things about kids on the Internet. you will see all the sexual words about kids. Very dirty minded Bitch ass couple . Who in the right mind would slander kids names and identity on dirty sites like on her onlyfans. Only a sicko a Rapist’s mind would do that. Dirty Bitch deserves what child Rapist deserves. A good fuck in all holes. Someone fuck up this Child Rapist pig up They live in Calgary house and their address 101 stradwick rise SW Logan is from the Blood Tribe stand off Alberta and Lindamae is from Samson Cree Nation But claims to be from Tsuut’ina lmfao.

LOGAN MEDICINE CRANE THE RAPIST LOGAN living IN Calgary housing the CHILD RAPIST Fauline BIG CROW AND BLAZEY BIG CROW are in danger. They are is just kids and getting Raped by LOGAN MEDICINE CRANE AND LINDAMAE BAPTISTE

Published at Wed, 8 Sep 2021 23:0:1 GMT


  1. Logan Medicine Crane found this one on Onlyfans TSOOOO Right cheap

    Nicole and Logan FOREVER 💘

    look at this fucking beached whale 🐳🐟🐖🐷
    Let me tell you something about this little whore Lindamae clearly she’s obsessed with her baby daddy and won’t stop obsessing over him. Now that he has a new girlfriend she’s calling them child molesters real fucking useless whore this Lindamae. Weren’t you begging Dominic to make a girl/boy video with you so you could post it on onlyfans LMFAO you’re so fucking desperate you put your daughter FAULINE on there with Logan FUCKING PIGS 🐖 🐖 Child and family services should really take those kids away from you, you’re a fucking disgrace to humanity… NOW bitch grow the fuck up and find something else better to do obviously selling your cunt and selling nudes and videos on onlyfans isn’t doing anything for you, you fucking bitter bitch…You really are as stupid as everyone says and you fucking look just as stupid trying to blast Trish and Dom about being child molesters low bitch Fauline and blaze were at their house last summer for two weeks while you were on a cracked/meth bender calling Dom begging him to pick you up at a fucking Traphouse remember that you fucking whore… You really need to get a grip bitch.. I remember when the kids were at their house we were all eating dinner all of a sudden blaze just said out of nowhere Mommy goes to the hotel and makes money and come home the next day” LMFAO we all just looked at each other and started laughing because we knew exactly what he was talking about… like I said bitch you’re a disgrace to humanity now grow the fuck up… everybody knows what Logan ‘s doing to your daughter Fauline it’s only a matter of time before Child & Family Services is done with their investigation and they will take her to the hospital and give her an examination because of what he’s been doing to her. She’s told people at school that she’s scared of him he’s molesting her and you won’t do fuck all about it you horny whore… you can’t even get ahead in life without a man you’re just a dirty whore.. stop making up bullshit stories and fucking get a lawyer you’re going to need when you cockeyed cunt…

    filthy chlamydia cunt..

    • Lmfao wow only 2 weeks out of the whole year, what about the rest of the year? Shouldn’t Dominic be taking his kids like a real dad anyway? What’s so wrong with him taking his kids for only 2 weeks out of the whole year? He should’ve been taking them more than that throughout the year. Lmfao
      What does any of this comment have to do with YOU? Weirdo

    • Trish Carla BigPlume is so FATAL over her own nephew (legally by marriage) Dominic BigCrow, that she bashes his own kids and his baby mama online all the time, she searches them up non stop 😭😭😭 grow up and move on you GRANNY

    • Lmfao and how would you know all of this Trish Carla BigPlume? When the BAPTISTE don’t even know who the fuck you are or never met you? Dominic sure don’t have info to tell you either he don’t even see his kids. Lmfao

      • Him not seeing the kids is his problem lmao he done give a fuck for them lol 😂

          • How well lmao 😂 if he really wanted to see his bastard children he would make time for his bastard children but clearly he doesn’t want to see his bastard children

          • That’s fucking funny how you’re saying that it’s Trisha‘s fault that Dominic doesn’t see the kids 😂😂😂 they are bastards and he’s not gonna see them for another year so get that through your fucking cockeyed pig nose cunt face…

            He doesn’t give a shit about those two little bastards anymore he’s done

    • Wow whatever the BAPTISTE do in life really affects Trish Carla BigPlume lmfao she search’s them up daily and posts about them daily

    • Yeah like the school really called you? Lmfao I’m pretty sure the cops would’ve shown up the same day 😂 quit looking so stupid on here

      • 101 36 Stradwick rise Sw Calgary is a fucking Traphouse 😂😂😂😂 and that’s where Sherry Baptiste will take her last breath

      • I heard Dominic got chlamydia from Lindamae because she’s an escort

        • You notice how the Baptiste CUNT will not defend or even respond to the fact that she’s an escort WebCam dirty little skank… truths are only being told here sluts

          • Because no one cares lmfao except you. No one else is even reading this shit you weirdo who you talking to?

      • That’s when he caught AIDS Chlamydia and syphilis from you hahaha 🤣

        Making slutty videos

        Everyone had you Linda Hunny

        Logan Full on rapes FAULINE and you watch

    • That’s fucking funny you claim to know all of this lmfao but there ain’t no proof of none of this. How did you get this info? Is your brain really fucked up that bad it makes up scenarios lmfao that’s crazy! Trish Carla BigPlume you don’t even know the BAPTISTE at all 😂

      • Everybody knows the Baptist bitches

        • Obviously no one knows them lmfao, all this shit on here ain’t even true and you can’t even spell the baptiste names right 😂

  2. Go live your own LIFE, why you so worried about someone else 😂

    • Lindamae Baptiste you better start getting on the Internet and removing all that stuff do what you do best you sneaky little trash bag whore



  4. Why you keep acting like you know the BAPTISTE Trish Carla BigPlume when none of them even know you or met you in there life? Lmfao using google to look up their names won’t get you that much info 😂

  5. Everybody knows this is YOU Trish Carla BigPlume! You’re the only one who gets jealous over ONLYFANS, you even tried to charge the BAPTISTE for being a whore lmfao all these pictures and words posted are from Trish Carla BigPlume because they match up with the court papers and the exact same pictures you posted on your own Facebook and Instagram are on here lmfao you ain’t that sneaky you weird bitch

  6. Oh LINDAMAE did this, oh LINDAMAE did that, and it has nothing to do with you, always crying over the BAPTISTE 😭😭😭

  7. Lmfao oh wow registered as a sex offfender on an online trashy site lmfao yeah that’s something to believe 😂😂😂

  8. Nobody looks at these trashy sites anyways lmfao so keep posting, it don’t affect the BAPTISTE life 😂 it’s been over a year and still nothing has changed lmfao keep going you FATAL bitch it’s funny

  9. Why are you so MAD anyways Trish Carla BigPlume? Lmfao
    Not our fault you’re mans not loyal to you 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. Lindamae Baptiste why are you such a deadbeat mommy who lets Logan touch your kids ???

    I’m waiting for blood Tribe police lmfao 😂

    • Aren’t you a real deadbeat mommy? Why did your immigrant kids get restraining orders again at you Trish Carla BigPlume

      • Why did they get restraining orders against you? That sure says deadbeat mommy all over it

      • Still waiting for blood tribe police 👮‍♂️ lmfao

        You’re such a dumb little bitch it’s so funny

  11. Logan Medicine Crane registered sex offender kiddy Diddler that’s disgusting 🤮 😂😂😂😂👮‍♂️👮‍♂️ Blood try police officers go get this ugly pig hahahahahha

  12. Another big package 📦 is going to go out this week lmfao this time we will send it right to the Blood Tribe Police Department and to Blood tribe chief and Council, Northpagan boys Will get some to hahahah

  13. Trish Carla BigPlume you have absolutely no reason to hate the Baptiste, they have done absolutely nothing to you. Just causing drama for no reason you weird cunt lmfao.
    Someone’s obviously jealous to start all this shit over nothing except someone who has an ONLYFANS and has absolutely nothing to do with you! That’s weird!

    • Why do you hate the BAPTISTE so much what have they done to you? Please tell us? With no stupid reasons either lmfao

  14. Trish Carla BigPlume keeps going off all because she’s jealous of someone who has an onlyfans lmfao it has nothing to even do with you but obviously you’re so bothered 😂

  15. Trish Carla BigPlume
    Crying over
    and WHORES

    All things that have nothing to do with her 😂
    That’s weird, FAS brain for sure

  16. Lmfao 😂 skanks and whores The Baptiste

  17. Logan Medicine Crane rapes Fauline and Lindamae with her big eyes 👀 just watches finger bangs herself🐷👮‍♂️🤮

    Childtax collector

  18. Now that’s one sick mind you have trish! Stop thinking of little girls that way. Is that what you did to you boys? Ur nasty and that greatly sick of you


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