Jeff Dominic Price | 1105933


Jeff Dominic Price | 1105933

Jeff Dominic Price | 1105933Complaint / review text:
Jeff Dominic Price.
Jeff Dominic Price aka Jeff Price aka Jeff Dominic Price attorney aka Jeff Price attorney.
California bar: 165534.

Jeff Dominic Price is the following:
Sexual predator, inmate rapist, unethical attorney, CON ARTIST, SCAMMER, malignant narcissistic sociopath.
I’ll begin my factual story today, as it is long overdue.
It took me this long to post my story of my awful experience and traumas of Jeff Price aka Jeff Dominic price, because it took me this many years Approximately 21 years, as of today) to be able to face all of the harm and damages Jeff Price did to me when he began preying on me all those years ago and then literally stole my child from me and caused me other damages that have lasted a lifetime and which continue to last.

I first met Jeff Price aka Jeff Dominic price when I was in the Los Angeles county jail Yes, i had been arrested and was an inmate/prisoner undergoing a most stressful court case prosecution. And I was to discover that, to make matters worse, I’d too soon meet an attorney who would take advantage of me, my terrible situation, and persecute for years to come…).
I had been pregnant, for the first time, residing in hollywood, ca. And in love with the baby inside of me. However, i was all alone in the world and lacking money and resources. Scared, terrified, and feeling desperate, i committed committed financial fraud to obtain the things that i needed for my baby.
See, i was a child and adolescent of malignant sociopath parents. I was raised extremely emotionally, psychologically, physically abused. I was lied to that i was “less than and not good enough.”
I was intentionally programmed, by a controlling narcissistic sociopath father & underhandedly malignant narcissistic mother, to think that i was inferior and deserving of neglect, abuse, pain in all of its forms.
Thus, malignant toxic narcissistic individuals were what i subconsciously attracted. Those toxic, truly malevolent types were the only people i ever attracted.
I was highly damaged…
I was raped, by my mother’s boyfriend, when i was an 11 to 12 year-old virgin And did not know what a kiss or even affection was) and he was at least 35 years old Yes, my mother knew, all along exactly that he was a pedophile & yes, she knew what she was doing when she forced me to be at his house, alone with him, every day. She was using him for money, therefore she sacrificed me for her own selfish gain and destroyed me in the process).
I was worse than damaged. I was a walking disaster.

Among other things, by the time i was approximately 20 something, i was pregnant and all alone with not a single “family” member willing to help and friendless.
I turned to stealing to survive and provide for my baby.
I was then arrested and thrown in county jail and imprisoned. As anyone who has had experience knows, the los angeles county jail system’s “health” department is most incompetent and its employees are the most violent, cruel, corrupt in the world.
My blood pressure spiked into my 6th or so month of pregnancy. I was denied medical attention. If I had not insisted & stood steadfast in seeing a doctor, my baby would have died.
Too many hours later, I was dragged to the jail hospital, by obnoxious, uncaring jail deputies, while cuffed & shackled behind my back, with my pregnant belly, in a squad car with a hard plastic bench.
When hospital staff could not lower my blood pressure in any manner, I was given days and days of IV medications, experienced days of vomiting, pain, drowsiness, and more lonely vomiting & fear for my baby, all in a prison hospital gurney with chains & shackles.
I was forced into a ceserean, while still shackled to the prison gurney. All I wished for was for my baby to live. She did live. I just survived. I think about it all, today. But today, I only care about animals and only animals).

And it was at this perspective of being a brutally mistreated prisoner in jail by sadistic deputies & other jail staff and separated from my baby and lonely, desperate, sad, terrified, not-knowing-what-each new-minute-would-bring fear, that Jeff Dominic price came along and found his perfect victim, for his own nefarious purposes.
I was in so much trouble, so direly desperate and hard up, that I clung to him. He had been retained to take up my case to file a lawsuit against the Los Angeles county sheriff’s department for harassment. The jail employees are notorious for assaults & other harm against prisoners. If you know, you know. Most everyone does.
He came to the jail to see me, only because he’d been retained. His world for pay-no, not because he’s an attorney. But because he is a malignant sociopath & cares nothing for others, unless & only unless it benefits him. And, unbeknownst to me at that time, I indeed benefited him in so many ways, back then Note that the discard would come instantly upon his having gotten whatever he had used me for. Then the troubles from him would come also instantly).
For months, he came to to the jail, under the false guise of “legal” visits. He hit on me, sexually harassed me, told me lies, pretended & pretended to want to “help” me. He pretended to like, love, adore me. In my desperate position and my dysfunction & damaged state, at the time i didn’t see through his charade of being a decent person. He was far from a “decent” person. He was and is, in fact, a calculating, evil, abusive, narcissistic, controlling, deceptive crook. He believed in asexual reproduction We’ve all heard of the females who use men to become pregnant & have a baby for money and other reasons. But beware that there are some men that do the very same. And when those men have gotten what they want, they never hesitate to discard the poor female, the mother and to throw her away and cause her any amount of harm and disaster when she, the mother, takes action to be with her child! )!
What i didn’t know then And wouldn’t have wanted to believe back then), was that all along, he was lying to me, taking advantage of me and who and what i was, stealing from me, raping me by deception, and then throwing me away.

I didn’t know then or there, but i would come to know too soon.
He had/has a banshee shrew of a mother Head toxic sociopath of the family). She’d always suspected something of him & so wanted him to have a child. He, too, for appearance sake, wanted to have a child.
And here i was: victim of a lifetime: young, good genes, good-looking, afraid, all alone with no one to guide or advise me or to tell me not to get involved with an unethical creep, available, desperate in every way…
Fast forward to about a year later, he cheaply & hesitantly posted my bail Yes, he always has been/is cheap, stingy, selfish with money–and all else, to a fault), but how else would he get me pregnant?
He took me home and, without so much as offering or allowing me to drink water or eat food After he had personally witnessed jail staff harassing me, illegaly depriving me of food some days, putting me through hell), he put me up against his outhouse floor He was so cheap that he had rented a teensy back house behind someone’s house in Santa Monica, ca.) and had sex with me If that’s what he called it).
Next morning? I was still thirsty, starving, and somewhat in shock And pregnant again, although I didn’t know at the time).
It was only, by late afternoon, when he was hungry, that we went to a deli to eat.
And so his reign of selfish terror and continued for at least 2 years. Even while i was pregnant, he’d already discarded me. He figured that after I had the baby Again, all alone, money-less, friend-less, etc.), he’d take the baby and get rid of me.

And, for my own stupid act, he was that lucky, yes.
There i was, again pregnant & all alone. There I went, again stealing, hoping that this time insanity would be different & that I’d obtain essentials for my baby and my baby and i would live our lives. Wrong again: I was arrested, again.
Fast forward to another year later: I was sentenced on a plea deal & transported from county jail to state prison. Jeff price was there to again to cause trouble. After again trying to make it “work” with him and him being nothing but a repulsive, problematic, non-contributing, unfaithful, raging, selfish human all while i was in prison & he was out there enjoying his life and coming for weekend visits and weekday “legal” visits while repeatedly picking fights with me and even, on one unforgettable incident We were on the prison recorded phone while i had an assigned phone time & had called him), he suddenly, out of nowhere, pointedly and falsely accused me of attempting to “kill” him. He did this, because he knew that my release date was nearing & that I’d be coming home to our baby. But he did not want me, the mother, ever to be involved with our baby. He wanted our child all to himself, so that he could be the center of her life and be her only focus in her own life. He was/is a malignant narcissist, his mother’s son, society’s defect, a product of his birth, afteral, and unable to ever change.
Thus, he wanted to have me locked up in segregation & saddled with a longer prison sentence. He knew all prison calls were monitored, despite attorney/client communications. And he knew that when the conversation was heard, I would be immediatly arrested & dragged off to segregation. And i was. However, I could not be so much as charged, let alone be prosecuted on someone’s verbal, arbitrary allegation, so i was let go. However, I still suffered. And I was on my way to losing another child. Again. All these Agains. See the patterns? Personally, I do now).
When his poor tactic failed, he then went, while i was still in prison and not served & therefore unable to attend the hearing to defend myself against his false allegations, he obtained a restraining order on false pretenses Lies).
I was later served in prison, on the date of my release. He’d done this, because he stupidly thought that his actions would prevent me from seeking child custody and visitation.
Firstly: I had had another baby. I had done nothing whatsoever wrong to have my baby taken away from me,
Secondly: I was an excellent, loving mother. Everyone in prison could see & witness how loving and proper and doting I was, while taking care of her even in prison during contact visits.
I did not deserve to lose my children. Ever.
So when I was released, though I could not afford an attorney, I legally battled for custody & visitation. And even a judge could see what was going on The judge, judge louis, was not the first, last, or only judge to personally detest Jeff Dominic price.
Ask former judge Stephanie Sautner).
I was granted visitation, pending a custody hearing.
However, it was an uphill battle Which I never gave up on), with him being an attorney, being a dishonest, unethical, loose attorney with zero morals and tons of willingness to constantly lie and me not being able to afford an attorney.

During years that followed, he went on to hit on other inmates and yes, to get another inmate pregnant, too. In fact, that inmate had twin daughters from this living, breathing problem called Jeff Dominic price.
To my knowledge, though, he and the inmate Whom he also abandoned while she was pregnant) ended up losing the twin daughters.
DCFS got involved, due to street drugs.
Imagine that…

So why did I file an official complaint on him with the bar?
I did.
However, I believe that, at that time, all those years ago, I was extremely naive to the complaint process and erred with a technicality. The complaint was sent back. I mistakenly thought that that was it. I was wrong, however I did not realize that, either, at the time.
Furthermore, when he was informed of the complaint, he threatened Yes, threatened) me.
For the sake of our daughter, I left it alone. But then, it was not until this year of 2021, after years of mistaken guilt, depression, searching, seeking, finally coming into contact with her, again, that I discovered that she, too, after about 18 years of knowing nothing but narcissistic sociopaths for a father & grandmother, that she, too, is an undeniable, judgmental, narcissist.
And, on a positive note Yet sad note at the same time), i have worked so hard and have come to learn so much about myself & my self-worth and self-respect & dignity, that I, I myself refuse to have anything to do with her Just as i had dumped Jeff Price on the ever of my release date in prison, all those years ago).
I neither deserve nor am willing to ever allow any toxic, broken individual into my life.
I tried.
But thanks to hard-won life lessons, the instant that i saw her games and cruel intentions, i saw that she is irreparably broken. And beyond my capacity. And no longer my responsibility. And no longer a burden or source of guilt to me.
Call jeff price the “winner.” but how can one be a “winner, ” when all he really got is someone as defective, without capacity for proper discernment? And someone who only loves him because she never had a choice, as he was the only one she had? To pose this as a rhetorical question:
Had she had the chance to know me as her mother & had she known what he really was all along, would she love or admire him…?
Thus, would he have “won” her, a so-called prize of narcissism?
Is a “win” by absolute default really a win?
I’m confident we all know the answers, which are a resounding NO).
I deserve far better. Better than a defective daughter and anyone else just as toxic & problematic. I always did, only now i realize that…

For anyone reading this and going through anything similar:
I promise that if you wish, you will somehow, some way heal.
It may not be the way you wanted or thought or hoped, but sometimes it’s even better than you hoped.
Lessons come with prices.
But those prices are what make us, the few decent, unbroken, people better & far more powerful than others.
Only clay that has been through the fire becomes that everlasting porcelain.

I wish to make the following clear:
This is a long, involved story. that spans my experience of several years with Jeff Price.
And there is so very, very much more harm & damages that Jeff Price has done to me. Thus, this post is just a summary of all that he has done.

Legal disclaimer:
Jeff Dominic Price aka Jeff Price has not changed.
Sociopaths never do, except to become worse.
He loves to sue people for money Aside from his career as a litigation attorney, he loves to sue. It gets him the attention, validation, cash he craves).
Money is his god.
All aforementioned are, as they say, “my opinions.”

Published at Wed, 25 Aug 2021 12:35:1 GMT


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    • Why havnt you done anything to stop Teresa from harassing you .?….now she is posting more lies on different victims like this poor man this story in this complaint sounds like bullshit what a weirdo you are Teresa an you two tori

      • Teresa Arasheben wrote this complaint, she is a big fat liar. She claims to be a victim all the time, yet she victimizes others. She was in jail for committing crimes. Mr. Price was her lawyer who was assigned, to go to the facility, and make sure her rights weren’t being violated. Teresa Arasheben claims that her stepfather, father, and mother, sold her for baby prostitution. She also states she lost her children while being incarcerated. Most parents will lose custody, when they continuously commit crimes. This woman is no victim , in fact for years she’s come onto these websites posting bullshit, about anyone she comes in contact with. This whole story is a complete lie. This woman has come onto this website to attack the father of her child. She takes no accountability for any of her actions.I do not feel sorry for her one bit she is a scam artist she prays on her victims, by coming on these websites she commits fraud and she is repulsive with her criminal life, and her hidden life, as a bisexual prostitute .Anyone she comes in contact with she files a complaint on them. If you look this woman up you will see how deranged she is. She is a cold blooded, Narcissist And a cold blooded sociopath.

      • That once again was not me commenting up above as “Tori99.” I would never speak like that or say that type of stuff. Secondly, I tried everything I could, but it is a civil matter and the DAs office, FBI, and police could not help me. Lawyers wanted a lot of money. I couldn’t afford it. Why don’t you do something rather than continue to use mine and other peoples name to do the same thing Teresa did? It doesn’t make you any better than her. Do not use my name to harass or slander someone again please.

        • Almost everyone , that Teresa Arasheben, can’t bully, she harasses , on this disgusting website. I’m sorry mr price . And I feel for you . As you know , representing inmates can be dangerous, as this woman is deranged. She obviously has no gratitude for anyone or anything in life.Teresa Arasheben, will always prey for victims, and wants to hurt others . Sometimes you can’t change others behaviors. Her mother sold her For child prostitution. To avoid being evicted, from Their trailer home.So Treasa decided to get even with her mother, and slept with her stepfather. As she said herself and in her complaint she is nothing, but a troublemaker. She is a narcissist of all things a cold-blooded sociopath psychopath. I truly hope she gets a mental- health-evaluation ,on her brain.sorry she is Mentally disturbed, and wrote all these lies. About you, and her family, she just wants to be a victim no matter what she does in life. And she’s not. This I know.Teresa sorry your pussy smells like your asshole.shut your trap. STOP WITH YOUR LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haven’t you victimized ,enough people lately?????? WOW!!!!!! Your no VICTIM…………..

    • I agree tori why havnt you done anything .obviously she is making this man her new victim writing the same bullshit like ke every other false complaints

  2. I know Teresa arabheben She is a season career criminal who lives in Los Angeles in California she is extremely dangerous and did several years in state prison for murder for hire she’s also been arrested and incarcerated repeatedly for credit card fraud burglary grand theft and prostitution identification theft and child molestation .She is no longer allowed to see her for children from four different fathers stay away from her she’s not to be trusted around kids or credit cards she is also very unstable person and extremely violent let This be a warning to anyone who comes across her she is desperately trying to accuse others of the very same thing she’s actually been arrested for unfortunately for her the laughable things she writes about others is transparent to EVERYONE ELSE But her self she actually thinks if she writes lies about others to get revenge and then post positive things about herself it will change others opinions and more importantly the TRUTH!!!!! Her multiple record speaks for themselves while everyone she tries to lie about has barely gotten a speeding ticket in their entire life the only ugly truth is YOU TERESA ARASHENBEN your Criminal record is yours deep she is on probation and she still continues to commit fraud this tells you Teresa violet arashenben Not abide by the law I’ll go to any extent to draw attention to herself or make a quick buck For her crack smoking drug dealing boyfriend who has no morals stay away from the sick individual and she is also extremely dangerous and extremely violent

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    • You wrote the complaint you are Teresa not terry you scank I just wanted you to know you are one fucked up liar

      • Shut up tori I’m mad at him people says things when they are mad now don’t piss me off

    • Teresa Arasheben is mentally ill! She’s mad at Jeff price !so she filed this complaint,I guess she wants people to think she is a victim of foul play , The life Teresa Wants ,is to feel sorry for herself ,and she wants everyone to think she is a poor victim.mr price was one of the many attorneys who represented Teresa Arasheben,of her many cases ,of criminal activities,Teresa should I go on ,I won’t it’s blatantly obvious, you are just harassing people again. Mr. Jeff Price is a wonderful beautiful awesome man, it was kind enough to go to the jail house and represent you. You file a bar complaint on every lawyer who gets court appointed, to represent your dumb ass. She shows no gratitude, to any of the lawyers the state appointed to her. She likes to put on a show and she loves attention. Her whole complaint is nothing but fabricated lies ,lies ,lies ,lies ,nothing but evil wicked lies.she also filed a complaint on me that was nothing but lies, I haven’t forgotten there comes a day when every dog gets the bone. She is a very very nasty woman. She is evil mean in wicked, and a notorious monster. No judge was going to grant her any custody of any of her children, because of her criminal activities, and her rude crude behaviors in society, she doesn’t know how to deal and cope. Evidently it’s a group home she lives in, hasn’t been supervising her very much because of Covid, it’s a mere shame, how she is on probation and a registered child offender. She has quite the record of raping autistic children. I don’t think any judge would grant her custody of any of her kids and she does have many many many different children from many different fathers. Anyone who comes in contact with this woman, I feel for them.

  5. Teresa arasheben I see you are submitting more false fake phony complaints go back to prision I’m Surprised karma hasn’t got you yet

  6. TERESA Arasheben
    Your skating on thin ice
    Stop defaming people
    You’re a troublemaker And you’re going to be held responsible for posting false allegations that you can provide NO substantiation or proof of

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  9. I believe Teresa Arasheben Posted these false defamatory posts about this person she has done this to several people across the site she has done it to me as well she uses the same language and claims everyone are Narcissist psychopaths child predators scammers phony fraud liars and so on Theresa also uses the names Kathy terry smith terry raven terry arasheben and I’m sure there are more be wary of anything posted in the same fashion if you look up her name on Google you will find case numbers of the court cases she’s been involved in you’ll see very quickly why she is doing this to people she’s been doing this as far back as 2012 to people from what I can see teresa Arasheben makes huge claims But she never has any evidence to back it up we should all take everything she posts about people with a very small grain of salt

  10. Teresa Arasheben HOW DARE YOU …..You’re no victim, Mr. Price is the victim here. Shame on you Mr. Price went to the county jail, because you filed a lawsuit. He went there on your behalf ,to make sure your rights weren’t being violated. TERESA…….You are a cold-blooded sociopath.Teresa wants to Play poor victim ,she has not contributed to society ,and uses this website, to harass and victimize people, she makes up stories, and believes her own lies.Teresa is Harassing and slandering Jeff Price.And his daughter ,Teresa makes up sob stories,And believes her own LIES!!!!!!!!! she is middle eastern,decent. She Is also very dangerous. She is a scam artist rumors have it she has ,sex with autistic kids ,and committed other criminal acts of theft and burglary against other people.BEWARE and do NOT deal with Teresa arashenben ,at all!!!!!!! She is a Cold -blooded sociopath, psychopath. Teresa Arasheben,has no evidence at all ,for her bullying threats ,and False defamatory atrocious ,bullshit,complaints she’s filed above .

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