Been catfishing since I was 13, I’m hurt


Been catfishing since I was 13, I’m hurt

Been catfishing since I was 13, I'm hurt

Im 27 now and been catfishing since I was 13. I very clearly know why I have been doing this. Im female and always wanted to be a guy. So all my catfhshing personas have been male. And yes I have made up sooo many different characters that I probably don’t rememeber all of them. It’s not that I’m hundred percent unhappy being female. In my real life, I’m a straight woman living with my partner (and yes I love him). Everything seems normal and I do enjoy dressing like a woman, wearing make up etc. I don’t really have body dysphoria. I know I am sexually attracted to men and a lot of my victims have been gay men recently. At the same time, If i could choose right now, I would definitely choose to be a male. It’s a bit hard to explain I just think I should have been born as a male. Being male makes more sense. Anyways, maybe I’m gender fluid. I tend to catfish more when my own life gets really boring, disappointing or stressful. For me, it’s a way of escaping the reality and living in my own little world. I have always been blaming myself for not being able to accept my gender and move on with my life. If only I could do that, I would have been a much happier person. I also have a very wild imagination and really enjoy making up these stories but I feel like these stories are now taking over my real life, now I care less about whats going on in my own life. I keep thinking about these personas and stories almost all day. i cant handle the guilt anymore and feel really hurt. I have never talked to anyone about this. I just needed to let it off my chest.

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Published at Tue, 20 Jul 2021 14:51:46 GMT

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