Catfishing Scammer Vs COOMER


Catfishing Scammer Vs COOMER

Catfishing Scammer Vs COOMER

Some phishing scammer added me on Steam to try and steal a $1000 item from me. I guess he thought he could get me to lower my guard by posing as a woman, but I still have a few functioning brain cells so it wasn’t hard to see through his act.

But since he thought that impersonating a girl would make it easier for him, I decided to show him what ACTUALLY happens when you’re a girl in a video game and stumble upon a hardcore COOMER…

Here’s a 6 minutes video going through our interaction 🙂

Note: I tried uploading pictures of our conversation but images don’t seem to be allowed on this sub

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Published at Tue, 20 Jul 2021 15:33:11 GMT

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