I was catfished by my ex for a year: Need advice


I was catfished by my ex for a year: Need advice

I was catfished by my ex for a year: Need advice

I met this person online last year during summer, we quickly became friends and started dating in November of last year. It takes me a lot to trust someone but they were different and I felt very safe with them, we both had been played with pretty hard so it was good to finally trust someone again. We’d chat everyday, send pictures, Instagram stories about our days… We had a strong and special bond and my feelings for them were very strong. I pictured myself having a life with them… I didn’t see any red flags, everything they said was legit and as they sent me a lot of videos with their voice & I didn’t suspect anything wrong.

A few months ago I woke up from a message saying our long distance relationship was making them anxious and they weren’t ready to fully commit to it. I felt blindsided, I didn’t expect a breakup as everything was flowing well. It took me a lot to try and understand what went wrong. They soon started dating this other person only a few weeks after our breakup. My world was crushed when I found out about it. I’ve been trying to heal from this for the past months…

Last week, I noticed all their social medias vanished. As I was worried, I reached to their new partner and asked if they were okay. That’s when everything went wrong. Their new partner informed me we both dated someone who was using someone else’s picture/life and they were not the person we thought they were. For several years they created this life of lies based around someone else who is kind of popular on Instagram.

I’m finding it really hard to overcome this pain. I feel overly stupid for trusting someone like this. Everything was so well planned : for example, they’d tell me they’d go see their brother for the night and a few hours later they’d post a story of their ‘brother’ with them… every actions had a video/photo proof. They’d also have instagrams for their ‘family member and friends’. I never expected that to happened.

I shared a lot of intimate things with that person and I’m scared they know so much about me. I feel abused and manipulated in the most twisted ways. How do I cope with the pain of being used like this? How do I cope with them never telling me the truth even after our ‘relationship’?

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Published at Mon, 19 Jul 2021 19:34:16 GMT

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