IcelandAir Reviews, Complaints & Contacts


IcelandAir Reviews, Complaints & Contacts

IcelandAir Reviews, Complaints & Contacts

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IcelandAir reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Nov 1, 2009.
The latest review refusing to honor travel voucher was posted on Jul 18, 2021.
The latest complaint horrible customer service was resolved on Jan 08, 2010.
IcelandAir has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 33 reviews.
IcelandAir has resolved 3 complaints.

IcelandAir Customer Service Contacts

+354 505 0100 (Iceland)
+44 207 874 1000 (United Kingdom & Ireland)
+1 800 223 5500 (United States & Canada)
+32 80 076 029 (Belgium)
+45 33 702 200 (Denmark)
+49 69 299 978 (Germany)
+31 205 213 955 (Netherlands)
Reykjavik Airport – 101

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IcelandAir Complaints & Reviews

J Balderson — USA

Jul 18, 2021

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Icelandair — refusing to honor travel voucher

On 7/10, I contacted Icelandair by email because I had just realized that I had neglected to enter my travel voucher number (a $1100 credit from my 2020 Covid-cancelled flight) when I re-booked a flight for my re-scheduled trip on 7/5. It seems the process is totally manual that the voucher number must be entered. for the credit to be applied. I was logged in to my Icelandair account, so it would have been nice if the site had a pop-up to ask me if I want to use my credit. But this is not so.
Unfortunately for me, the re-scheduled flight now costs $1600, AND is no longer nonstop, but oh well, such is the aftermath of covid pandemic. At least I have my $1100 credit to apply to the cost. I received an email reply today from Bjorn and was shocked that I was told Icelandair will not issue me my $1100 credit because my request occurred more than 48 hours since I had booked the flight. I have just paid $1600 for the new flight, which is $500 more than the original flight, and yet they will not honor the $1100 credit 5 days later? This is unbelievable. It’s not like I am asking for my money back. I AM paying for a new flight. And I AM paying $500 more for a flight that is no longer offered nonstop. I find it hard to believe that they are really going to refuse to refund my travel voucher because it took me 5 days to notice that the credit was not applied, rather than 48 hours????
I know we are all struggling with the ordeals of Covid- especially the travel industry. But this is really poor customer service.

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Maureen Guardino — USA

Feb 25, 2021

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Icelandair — I booked a trip through Fleetway travel

I booked a trip to Iceland with Fleetway travel on December 26, 2019. To travel on March 25, 2020, due to covid trip was postponed till March of 2021. I have since received a letter stating that Fleetwood travel has gone chapter 11 in the UK. I have flight info from Iceland Air, for our trip in March of 2020. I want to know if I have any credits or flights with Iceland Air. I paid in full for the trip. I’m very disappointed with the whole thing. it was to be a trip of a lifetime for me and my husband, please email me with any information you may have. Thank you Maureen
Maureen Guardino
109 Spence Ave
Holtsville NY 11742 USA

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Hughwillette — USA

Sep 08, 2020

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Iceland Air — Airline reservation that was cancelled by iceland air and not giving refunds for the reservation

Booked a flight on Iceland air from Ireland to Iceland thru Expedia. Iceland air cancelled the flight and now both Expedia and Iceland are dragging their feet, each blaming the other and telling me to contact the other for information about the refund. Expedia is saying Iceland is only offering vouchers right now for this flight and to contact the airline directly. Contact Iceland air and they tell me that because I booked thru Expedia, I have to go thru Expedia for the refund. The run around and no refund. The flight was supposed to leave the 13th of sept. Flight reservation number is TYLLEW. And [protected].
Any help would be appreciated

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ron macdonald — Canada

Jun 15, 2020

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Icelandair — Airline cancels flight but offers no refund

Booked a flight for 2 out of Vancouver, Canada to London (UK) and return, well before the Covid crisis. When our government and governments around the globe issued travel advisories not to fly around March (our flight was scheduled for mid-May). we contacted Icelandair who assured us they would take care of us: Three months after our initial contact the airline is refusing to fully refund us (they actually cancelled our flight). Instead the airline offered us a voucher, which we were initially open to. However the voucher does not guarantee the same conditions as our initial purchase, i.e. flight for 2 at $1614.70 total, and in fact similar flights have gone up at least 50%. I get that this might be necessary for them, but it is not what I purchased, and in many jurisdictions their actions would be classified as theft.

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ian rogerson — USA

Apr 22, 2020

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Icelandair — Refund

You cancelled my flight from Orlando to Manchester Uk the flight date was 26 April Ian Rogerson
I Thiught you would rebook me so I accepted a voucher to use for this TNELSSK3 however you were able to do this so I booked with another airline as flight urgent. I now am wanting refund as your voucher is valueless to me. However my wife inUk contacted your customer care department and was refused refund. It is you who cancelled my flight not me and unfair of you not to refund immediately as thou offered me no alternative with to get home. If you ignore this request or refuse refund I will go for court judgement to obligate you to refund

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Icelandair — Hand carry bag charges of $ 60 reimbursement

Booking No LYSF6V Flight 623 Virendra c Ghiya ETKT [protected], Return flight I was Charged $ 60 for My hand carry bag in the slot was not going easily because of roller. It was Unfair. I tried to explain agent but she did not listen. I did not make issue at airport and miss flight. I was in group. Why unfair to me?
Please credit to my credit card. I requested to Gen (Your Agent)
Email: [protected]@hotmail.com
Phone: [protected]
[protected] (h)

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BasilK — Canada

Nov 07, 2019

Icelandair — claim (#[protected]) for expenses related to delayed baggage

On July 7, 2019 we traveled on Icelandair on business class from Toronto to Munich and one of our suitcases failed to arrive. Despite repeated calls, days later the suitcase was still not found. Since all of my vacation clothing was in the suitcase, I needed to purchase some essentials such as pajamas, windbreaker, shorts/shirts, underwear, shaving kit, etc. Finally, after 5 days of waiting, the suitcase was found and we picked it up from the airport. On July 23, I filed a request for expense compensation with a follow up inquiry on August 15. I was repeatedly told that the claim was being processed. To this very day, November 7, we still have not heard back or received any compensation! Horrible customer service!

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Gus Nusu — USA

Oct 03, 2019

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Icelandair — seating changed without notification

On March 14th 2019 I purchased 5 tickets on Iceland-air to fly on October 3rd 2019 to Reykjavik. We upgraded to more leg room for me and my wife (Cof#V3LZGW) paid with credit card and the fallowing seats were assigned to us (13C for my wife, 13D for me, 12C for my son in law, 12B for my grandson and 12A to my daughter) Last night my wife tried to check into find out that all our seat were changed all the way back in the rear of the plane without notifying us. I called your air line and the only explanation that I received is that your sorry!!! I cant except this!! How can you automatically change our confirmed seating that I booked 7 months ago without explanation and without reimbursing for the extra money that I paid. This is unacceptable!! I need an explanation that is more then I am sorry. My family and I fly all over the world and this never happened to me. Before I post a very negative review on Iceland Air please respond. My email [protected]@tmcnorthamerica.com.

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K.D123 — USA

Sep 16, 2019

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Icelandair — missing luggage

Travel date: September 7
Dublin to Edmonton

In Dublin we had to check in all luggage (including carry ons) because we were given a smaller plane.

Going to the plane we noticed our luggage didn’t make it on as the luggage compartment was closed up and our luggage was sitting on the carrier. On inquiring, they (whomever was loading the plane with luggage) said it would be put to the front of the plane (whatever that means). We never saw anything after that. Then the same individual was later talking to one of the flight attendants and I over heard: if no one asks about the luggage then that’s their own fault.

I thought this was a weird comment so I asked the flight attendant if some luggage didn’t make it on the flight and was told not to worry.

That was a lie. My luggage didn’t make it to Edmonton. I’ve been calling everyday and no one can give me a straight answer. All I get is: we are actively searching.

How active? It’s been 10 days and no one knows where my luggage is. This is ridiculous and frustrating. How can you not know where it is? Or where the last known location is? Or if it even made it on the plane?

Find my luggage.
Give me a straight answer.

This is taking too long with no care or concern.

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nasima reza — USA

Sep 05, 2019

Icelandair — I was charged for upgrade but didn’t get it.

I requested an upgrade from Oslo to Reyjkavik. They charged me. But didnot provide the upgrade and no refund yet. I contacted several times. Booking ID PQCV8P
Dear Nasima Reza

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by the downgrading of your and Mohammed Rezaul Islam’s ticket.

In light of the European Aviation Safety Agency’s suspension on use of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft we have made necessary steps to limit any possible disruptions that may arise due to these alterations. One of those steps were to wet lease aircraft to operate, resulting in you being downgraded on your flight from Oslo to Keflavik.

Kindly follow the payment link below for a full refund of the purchased upgrade for the affected flight, a total of 320 USD.

Click here to fill in your payment details

Please note that the deposit can take up to 2 weeks to be processed and shown on your Credit Card / Bank Account.

Best regards,

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  • Updated by nasima reza · Sep 05, 2019

    Dear Nasima Reza,

    Thank you for contacting us!

    The status of your case shows that we have received your information and the amount is on queue for payment, but it hasn’t been processed yet since we are experiencing an increased backlog. We apologize for the delay!

    Once my colleagues from the refunds department get to your submission, they will let you know if there’s any more information they might need. Otherwise, there is no further action required from your side at this point.

    Please drop us a line if there’s anything else we could assist you with!


  • Updated by nasima reza · Sep 05, 2019


SP.Fee — Canada

Aug 21, 2019

Icelandair — change of aircraft and seating

have used Icelandair to travel between Canada and Finland for the last 6 years flying 1-3 times every year, as well as recommending friends and family to do the same. I always chose to pay for flights with Icelandair because of the great service and comfortable flights including options to watch movies, choose comfortable seats and free checked luggage, also I could pick seats for my husband and I to sit together because he is a bigger guy, and needs extra room on my side to get comfortable and have the ability to help give him more space by lifting the armrests up after take off. I could have flown cheaper with other airlines but was consistently happy with choosing Icelandair.
This year in 2019 was the first time that I was asked for extra fee to carry checked in luggage, so I chose not to pay extra and only bring carry on. That was a big disappointed to discover upon booking the flights. My husband and I then brought only carry on to travel for our honeymoon. Our flight departed on August 4th, 2019 at 21.00 from Toronto, flight number FI602. To our surprise, Icelandair changed the aircraft and we ended up sitting in an old, uncomfortable plane that had no working entertainment system or even ability to connect to usb so we could charge our phones while listening to personal music lists. The seats were also uncomfortable and the experience just became a bad experience. I did not feel like the price I paid to fly Icelandair was fair to the flight experience we received. All the reasons I chose to buy flights with Icelandair were left unsatisfactory and I would have never paid so much money towards our Icelandair flights if I knew the quality of the aircraft and seating to be so terrible.
On our return flight back, on August 19th 2019, Departing from Helsinki at 18.20, flight number FI347, our seats were changed. We were told that yet again the aircraft has changed and that’s the reason for the seat change. Originally I had booked us seats 8D and 8E so we could sit together in our own row where those were the only two seats together past the exit seats, but when checking in to our flight our seats were changed to 2 separate aisle seats that weren’t even on the same row, seats 31C and 32C way at the back of the plane separating us from each other. After complaining about this at the desk we were told the plane is so full there is nothing they can do to get us to sit together. This is why I booked our flights with this plane so I was able to find seating for us to sit together- but Icelandair took that away from us on our honeymoon. The only thing they could do was change our seats once more to exit row middle seats giving us 8B and 8E, so we could sit on the same row, although still separated, but when we got to the plane, we realised that the exit seat armrests do not lift and my husband could not fit comfortably in his seat.
After all of this, Icelandair has failed to provide us comfortable experience flying for our honeymoon and also separating us from each other despite the pre-booked seats together. We are extremely unhappy with our experience and feel that Icelandair overcharged us money for the level of service and comfortability that we ended up with, I would never have booked those flights if I knew it was going to be like that in advance. Is this a new thing now with Icelandair where there is no reliability in pre booked seats and comfortable modern aircraft? If that is the case, I would rather give my money to a different airline for a better experience. I hope Icelandair can refund me some of my money to compensate for the terrible flying experience we just had and ruining that part of our honeymoon.

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Elish Madden — Ireland

Jul 29, 2019

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Icelandair — staff and security measures

I was travelling by myself from Dublin to Boston with a connection flight in Iceland. The stop over in Iceland was around 4 hours. On arriving in the airport I went to get some food and sat down to wait on the gate for my next flight. A man followed by a lady and a security man then sat down near to me. The man was being given a new boarding pass by the security man who had picked it up from the desk for him. I didn’t think anything of this until I was boarding my flight to Boston. He was then left alone to board. He seemed to continue to stand beside me which I found weird but overlooked. I sat down in my seat and realised that he then sat down a couple of seats away. I was at the window with one spare seat beside me. The man then began to speak to me really loudly so that a lot of people looked round. He asked me my full name and then continued to tell me I reminded him of his cousin. He then continued to say strange things which I couldn’t understand. A lady then came to say he was in her seat so he asked could he sit next to me which I replied no aorry I would like the space for a comfortable five and a half hour journey. To which he then said that his seat was the seat next to me. He began leaning on me and asked could he hold my hand. He said really weird sexual comments to me, I had to ask him to get off me several times to the point where I was shaking in fear. Finally the airhostesses came round with drinks. The first male airhostest looked at me but pulled the cart on and did not ask me what I wanted but when to the seat behind me then. I then got the attention of the female airhostest standing behind the cart and asked her could I please have a cup of tea. The man still sitting beside me so I asked could I please have another seat if there were any free, I tried to let her know why by looking back and fourth from her to the man which she then realised and pulled the cart back quickly. The man would not get up to let me out so I had to push by him. I found another seat down the cabin, looked up and the man was standing there again. He continued to circle the plane several times for the rest of the flight and stared at me. I was terrified. I just wanted to get away from him and was scared that he would follow me when I got off the flight. Thankfully I passed through customs first and walked as fast as I could to get a taxi. I tried to get the attention of the airhostest several times after, as she knew I was terrified but she never stopped to speak to me. I was crying and felt absolutely terrified! Worst flight I’ve ever had in my life.

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Jul 04, 2019

Icelandair — airline service and baggage delays

I used Iceland Air for the first time this last week and for all of the promotion that you give out..I soon…

Mar 27, 2019

Iceland Air — air flight f1862 march 16, 2019

My flight to Iceland from SFO was cancelled on the day of the flight. Only an email was sent to me at 2:15…

Feb 17, 2019

Icelandair — icelandair

Have traveled Icelandair for over 20 years from Halifax, Canada and have consistently used Premium Economy…

Icelandair — fi852/fi532 flight delay

Hello, written we complain the handling of our flight delay, transfer and rebooking.
Customer Michael Kempe…


Icelandair — seat not available I paid for

Yaesterday we were on flight FI501 from Amsterdam to Reykjavík and paid for 4 Seats for us and our…


Icelandair — flight fi614 and fi430 jfk new york to glasgow via reykjavik 10/10/2018 at 20:20

Dear Sirs
Eileen and Robert Skinner
Flight FI 614
Airline Booking Code FI/JRKA9S
JFK New York to Glasgow via…

Icelandair — booking reference tv opb

I have send a reaction on your survey mail but no reaction from your site
on the flights on 11/09 no…

Icelandair — excessive charge on domestic cell phone bill for an international phone call to icelandair customer service with poor guidance.

I was charged $107.46 (US dollars) on my Verizon cell phone bill for an international phone call to…

Published at Sun, 18 Jul 2021 5:30:1 GMT

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