RAMSES XAVIER ROSA MERCADER, HONOLULU HI (808)722-4700 – Online Predat …


RAMSES XAVIER ROSA MERCADER, HONOLULU HI (808)722-4700 – Online Predat …

RAMSES XAVIER ROSA MERCADER, HONOLULU HI (808)722-4700 - Online Predat ...

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Aka. Ramses X RosaFranco, Franco Xavier, Ramses Rosa
DOB 10/17/1962
Soon to be 60 year old Puerto Rican who lives and fucks around in Waikiki HI for the last 30+ years. Spreads herpes/ STDs. Pretty much everything that comes out of Ramses mouth is a lie. Lives with one of his Tinder dates at 1220 Mokuhano Street, Hawaii Kai, but also rents a studio in Waikiki where he brings his other Tinder dates at 300 WAI NANI WAY 1618. Calls himself an entrepreneur but works on the beach for Ocean Safety Honolulu. Travels back and forth HI รขย€ย“ Puerto Rico, says he is going to retire to PR soon but he has been saying that for the last 15 years. Says he owns his condo in HI, he does not. Says he owns property in PR, he does not. Chases after wealthy women on Tinder and screws and scams them. No dignity or respect. Will say and do whatever to get laid. Dates multiple women simultaneously, sends pics of his cock to his ex- wifes girlfriends. Desperate for the attention of women. Lies and says he graduated from college in San Diego, truth is he is uneducated and cannot even spell the most simple English words. When Ramses meets a new woman he says he is a social loner who has never been married or lived with a woman, and that he will probably end up single and alone for the rest of his life. Surprise! Public records show he has been married three times to foreign women who all shared the same address. When he gets caught in the lie he says they only married for Green Cards. Says he is from Spain to sound more exotic, he is Puerto Rican 100%.

Published at Sat, 17 Jul 2021 23:0:2 GMT

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