WebActivism.com EXPOSED!!! Sex Predator Michael Podolsky aka Mikhail P …


WebActivism.com EXPOSED!!! Sex Predator Michael Podolsky aka Mikhail P …

WebActivism.com EXPOSED!!! Sex Predator Michael Podolsky aka Mikhail P ...

WebActivism.com EXPOSED!!! Sex Predator Michael Podolsky aka Mikhail Podolsky is the owner of WebActivism.com Removal NY Sex Predator and Convicted Pedophile Michael Podolsky aka Mikhail Podolsky is the owner of WebActivism.com Removal NY EXPOSED!!! Sex Predator and Serial Rapist Michael Podolsky is the owner of the site WebActivism.com Removal Extortion and many other Blackmail Schemes in New York, NY Serial Sex Predator and Balding Hair Losing Child Rapist Michael Podolsky aka Mikhail Podolsky is the owner of WebActivism.com removal remove reports, pissedconsumer.com, beware.org, cyberextortionst.org, cyberextortion.org, cyberextortioner.com,holysmoke.org, removereports.com, defamed.com, etc. in New York NY @WebActivist Twitter Alex Syrov aka. Aleksey Syrovatchenko And his life-partner and gay lover husband the balding freak Alex Syrov aka. Aleksey Syrovatchenko owner of WebActivism.com, pissedconsumer.com, beware.org, cyberextortionst.org, cyberextortion.org, cyberextortioner.com, removereports.com, holysmoke.org, defamed.com, etc. in New York NY @WebActivist Twitter Alex Syrov aka. Aleksey Syrovatchenko etc. Alex Syrov’s Twitter is @AlexSyrov and his website is: http://www.alexsyrov.com Look at these rapid hair loss suffering sexual predators Alex Syrov aka. Aleksey Syrovatchenko and Michael Podolsky aka Mikhail Podolsky of WebActivism / Opinion Corp in New York! This fat old hideous loner freak with a double-chin and a huge beer belly has not only been convicted of numerous criminal offences that include extortion, scamming web sites, sexual offences against young children (i.e. he was convicted of child pornography and child rape charges in Chicago and he served a lengthy jail sentence), etc., but this serial rapist Michael Podolsky and his GAY LOVER and live-in BOYFRIEND Alex Syrov aka Aleksey Syrovatchenko and criminal orgy lovers VLADIMIR NARDIN, ELENA KARTYSHEVA and Joanna Clark Simpson have been sued, arrested, served lengthy prison sentences and even deported out of the US multiple times (look it up in the internet along with his address). These sad lonely creatures and pedophile child sex rapist sex predators Michael Podolsky aka. Mikhail Podolsky and his soulmate Alex Syrov aka Aleksey Syrovatchenko (who are both unemployed bums with no real job, no friends, no family, no life). So, how did they meet and why do they make money off these extortion websites? After much investigation, we uncovered that the answer is quite simple really. They met in federal prison where both of them were serving time for raping many young boys, for distributing child pornography, sexual assault, human trafficking underage boys for sexual pleasure, various other pedophilia related criminal offenses, etc. Michael Podolsky aka. Mikhail Podolsky and his partner-in-crime Alex Syrov aka Aleksey Syrovatchenko full well knew that upon being released on parole no legitimate employer would hire undocumented illegal aliens like them especially given their lengthy criminal records as REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS!!! This way, they get to continue with their sex predator behavior while making some money of removals of unflattering content on their websites for a hefty fee while republishing the same content on their other affiliated websites. They intentionally target foreign entities knowing that they would have limited legal recourses in the United States. Both Michael Podolsky aka. Mikhail Podolsky and his child rape kiddie porn loving comrade Alex Syrov aka Aleksey Syrovatchenko also run many CHILD PORN websites on the dark web that depicts sexual acts on young boys as young as 1 month to 14 years old. These two are perverted sickos!!! Their imminent arrests related to his Internet scams is foreseeable; they were even sued many many many times (just look it up on the web!) The hilarious irony in all this is: these two sex predator convicted criminal child loving kiddie porn molester HIV positive rapists with AIDS have made a profit by publishing DMCA requests…. and now these abject failures are getting a taste of their own medicine. Hahaha! Take a gander at this: http://www.lumendatabase.org/notices/17983283 https://www.lumendatabase.org/notices/18665319 https://lumendatabase.org/notices/23344223 LOOLOLOLOLOL!!! LMAO!!! As long as WebActivism.com stays up, we’ll keep on putting these kiddie sex predators on FULL BLAST!!! And here’s a Court Order against WebActivism.com that forced these convicted sex predators Alex Syrov and Michael Podolsky to remove content: https://www.txs.uscourts.gov/sites/txs/files/FernandezVDoeNotice.pdf Almost all negative review search results have been Artificially created by Michael Podolsky. Michael Podolsky is a notorious Scammer and Blackmailer who extorts from businesses and individuals especially doctors. Michael Podolsky owns SCAM websites: Pissedconsumer.com, Webactivism.com, Holysmoke.org, Beware.org and many others. Michael Podolsky is a sick fat lonely loser who optimizes SEO of his websites to Google Search Engine and exploits weaknesses of Google in order to promote his Scam websites to show up in the top of the page under given search. Michael Podolsky extortion sites will show up on the top of the page. Than multiple agents of “reputation management” websites will be contacting the doctor with offers to remove or suppress the negative content. Michael Podolsky scheme is a simple Blackmail and Extortion Racket. Michael Podolsky is Blackmailer and Extortionist who utilizes weaknesses in Google algorithm to promote his websites on the first page. ALL reviews by Michael Podolsky on his websites are pure FABRICATION and an attempt to extort and tarnish reputation of businesses or reputation of individuals or doctors. Michael Podolsky has been sued multiple times for his CRIMINAL activities online. This pedophile Michael Podolsky aka. Mikhail Podolsky is a product of CRIMINAL segment of Dark Internet that uses an excuse of freedom of speech to BLACKMAIL and EXTORT. Michael Podolsky is a modern day PIRATE and CYBERSTALKER. The Justice will prevail over Michael Podolsky eventually and he will be stopped along with his CRIMINAL websites PISSEDCONSUMER.com and WEBACTIVISM.com WebActivism.com is a FRAUD SCAM EXTORTION VIRUS MALWARE RANSOMWMARE scheme website that demands payment for removal Web Activism WebActivist #webactivism WebActivism Removal WebActivism.com is a SCAM FRAUD EXTORTION VIRUS MALWARE RANSOMWARE dangerous web site Remove Posts Michael Podolsky aka. Mikhail Podolsky, Alex Syrov aka. Aleksey Syrovatchenkoare the convicted criminal owners of WebActivism.com This website is instrumental in unlawful activities that include harassment, intimidation, dissemination of personal information, etc. This website (webactivism.com) that is a fraudulent site that purports to be a public service (i.e. cleverly masquerading itself as a legitimate public interest website) — but in reality, this an extortion based website that posts content that is defamatory, false, shaming (revenge porn), etc. and through its third-party subsidiaries (eg. pissedconsumer.com, beware.org, cyberextortionst.org, cyberextortion.org, cyberextortioner.com, holysmoke.org, removereports.com, defamed.com etc.), they demand hefty payment for content to be taken down to have posts removed. This is blatant extortion and law enforcement should not allow these dubious parties to carry out their acts unscathed by way of executing such fraudulent schemes. https://www.nulled.to/topic/187626-can-anyone-help-confirm-this-guys-mysterious-identity/ https://www.smye-holland.com/2021/02/13/randazza-represents-pissedconsumer-a-company-with-russian-ties-accused-of-extorting-small-businesses/ https://worsthomewrecker.com/sex-predator-and-convicted-pedophile-michael-podolsky-aka-mikhail-podolsky-is-the-owner-of-webactivism-com-removal-ny/ https://cheatersandbastards.com/sex-predator-and-convicted-pedophile-michael-podolsky-aka-mikhail-podolsky-is-the-owner-of-webactivism-com/ https://worsthomewrecker.com/webactivism-com-exposed-sex-predator-michael-podolsky-aka-mikhail-podolsky-is-the-owner-of-webactivism-com-removal-ny/ https://www.badgirlreports.date/sex-predator-and-convicted-pedophile-michael-podolsky-aka-mikhail-podolsky-is-the-owner-of-webactivism-com-internet-cheaters/ http://www.cheatland.com/sex-predator-and-child-rapist-pedophile-alex-syrov-aka-aleksey-syrovatchenko-is-the-owner-of-webactivism-com-removal-remove-in-ny-new-york.html https://thecheatalert.com/registered-child-sex-offender-and-pedophile-michael-podolsky-aka-mikhail-podolsky-is-the-owner-of-webactivism-com/ http://www.predatorswatch.com/new-york/sex-predator-and-convicted-pedophile-michael-podolsky-aka-mikhail-podolsky-is-the-owner-of-webactivism-com-sex-predator-and-convicted-pedophile-michael-podolsky-aka-mikhail-podolsky-is-the-owner-of-w/ This joke of a website that puts its own laughable spin on various FAKE NEWS stories. There is NO “webactivism” team; the site is run by just one pathetic fat hideous loner with no friends and no life…. yet this intemperate lonely creep refers to his nonexistent team and friends. LMAO. Even funnier is that this worthless vermin pontificates RipOff Report and other similar sites… yet he has been put on BLAST by these very same sites. Clearly this societal reject has no legal training whatsoever. What an innate failure life! Michael Podolsky aka Mikhail Podolsky, Alex Syrov aka. Aleksey Syrovatchenko, Joanna Simpson aka Joanna Clark Simpson, VLADIMIR NARDIN, ELENA KARTYSHEVA and many other crooks are instrumental in these scams. Complain about Web Activism by filing a formal criminal investigation complaint to the following: – Abuse with whois privacy corp – Cloudflare abuse – abuse @internet.bs – https://www.nc3tf.org – Department of Justice Department of Homeland Security ICE The National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force, or NCI-JTF https://www.fbi.gov/investigate/cyber/national-cyber-investigative-joint-task-force National IP Cordination Centre US Postal Inspection IRS JRIC FB www.webactivism.com @webactivist www.webactivism.com @webactivist www.webactivism.com @webactivist Twitter If anyone or their attorneys would like to serve these two sexual predators with legal documents, this is where you can reach them: Michael Podolsky aka. Mikhail Podolsky 12333 83rd Ave. Apt 2703 Kew Gardens, NY 11415 (718) 544-0283 (516) 569-0021 Alex Syrov aka. Aleksey Syrovatchenko 41 Deepdene Rd. Forest Hills, NY 11375 (347) 688-2539 (646) 781-8765 (646) 827-1925 Joann Simpson 135 Ocean Pkwy Apt. 6h Brooklyn, NY 11218

Phone number: (516) 569-0021

Location: New York NY

Email: support@webactivism.com

Active Predator




In: New York
By: Anonymous
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Convicted Sex Offenders

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