• This isn’t the first time Krissy been in some shady stuff. Back in 2012 she stole money from a client she had when she was a Lawyer. And she used the money get herself out of a serious mess. And when she got caught for stealing the guys money. She was Disbarred.

      It’s online that’s how I know.

    • I live in Fort Lauderdale and in August 2018 I went to one of their App events. It was at the Gay Bar called The Pub. That was when the App was called Vestigate. Before they renamed it toi Barseen App…..Lets just say it was a joke. People went for the free food and booze. And the Woman Hosting it. She was Drunk.

      2yrs later they are out of Business and been Indicted for Fraud and Money Laundering.

      • The 1 and only source to get and hear the truth behind Krissy Schuh’s Barseen App Fraud. Ponzi Scheme.
        1. Krissy owes 💰 to the State of California Franchise Tax Board. She hasn’t paid taxes on the Investment money she funneled in. And they are going after her for the money owed.
        2. She’s been Reported to the FTC… Thats the Federal Trades Commission. She was Reported for having a Ponzi Scheme as a Business. And stealing the Investors money given to her. All three Business names. Vestigate App renamed to Barseen App their LLC called Cityseen LLC. The FTC investigating them.
        3. Her Accountant Befree Accounting and Bookkeeping when they learned about the Fraud. They told Krissy and Sally. They will no longer be keeping them as a Client. That was in 2017. Beefree is located in Pasadena reported Krissy Schuh and the Vestigate App… Barseen App and Cityseen LLC….. To the IRS for tax evasion.
        Krissy has not paid taxes….. And not just one year. Since 2015 to the present.
        Ngoli Nyirenda says to email him if you want. This guy works for The West Hollywood City Hall. And he’s also another person like me exposing the Truths about Krissy Schuh and her Barseen App Ponzi Scheme.

    • I didn’t know Kristin Schuh used to be a Lawyer before starting her App Business. I just found that out. I thought she did something in Television. That’s what she told people. And I read a online magazine Interview. And that’s what she said. That’s what she’s done for 20 years. In the interview Kristin stated saying she studied Business not Law.
      Any one like to respond I like to know what you think. I don’t understand why she would make up a story like that

    • Does Jrissy still live on Hancock in West Hollywood. Or did she get Evicted.

      • I meant Krissy… Not Jissy.

        Krissy Schuh. And that’s if actually still what she’s going by. Because I know when I net her when she was in Law School. She went by Kristin… Then to Kris…. And after that Krissy.

    • I remember hearing her talking to one of the Bartenders at Gym Bar in West Hollywood. She said to him.

      I hope he has deep pockets. I’ll milk em for every dollar he’s willing to give.

      I will swear on Oath I heard her say that.

    • I don’t remember Krissy being all wrinkly lime that. Damn the Alcohol did age her.

  1. I went to one of Their App events. It was stupid as F…. I over heard People making fun of them. And one I heard saying that Kris was already drunk. And it was 6pm. She made an announcement. And yeah. You could tell she was drunk. She couldn’t keep what she was saying in order. She went from thanking people for coming. To it’s been a tough journey. With out all the Investors the App would not be where it’s at. And she bought a vehicle from Gwen Stefani. Then back to how great her app is. And did I thank you for coming. And she hickuped… Or was it a burp. Then she says Woot Woot for Vestigate.

    She really made an idiot out of herself.

    • She did exactly that Randy. And now today. No one wants anything to do with her. The only persons she gets ever invited over is Gary Thomas and Giovanni. They have Krissy over for the Holidays. No 1 else wants her around. They do. Because they are sleazy as she is. Gary been in some shady shyt. And he works in theater in the Valley and he’s pulled some thing there. I think ticket scalping. He’ll sell tickets at much higher rate. And he keeps the difference. Which is actually illegal…….. So ya would make perfect sense that Kristin good friends with them cuz. People that are like that. Thieves. Have friends that are thieves just like them…… Oh an ya. Giovanni used to work for Trans America on Wilshire in LA. They fired him. When they found out he was involved in a Ponzi Scheme.

    • She’s the red headed chubby one. The other got black hair. That’s Sally.

      • Yes Krissy is the larger Woman out of the two. She’s the one that started the App Fraud.

    • She reminds me of an Ogre. A Butch Lesbian Ogre……… 😂 😂 😂

      • Lol. Yeah she could definitely go with out a Costume at Halloween.

      • Krissy is a Heffa. Big boned and Butch. We all say her sipping her way through one Vodka n Diet Redbull after another. It no way gave her wings….. It gave that loud mouth Lesbian…..Gas….. Buuuuurrrrp…… Faaaaaaarrrrrt

    • And she’s Bloated as Phuck too. She drinks Vodka and Diet RedBull. Ask Giovanni Vitulli. He used to pour them for her at the Bar. Most of them were Free of charge. He barely charged her for her drinks…. Ever….. That’s why Krissy was at GymBar the hours he was working. She’d pay for 1 and get 4 free.

  2. I know her. Or I should say knew her. I see that she never worked for ESPN. NBC or any of them like she said she did. She’s a pathological liar. Lied right to my face. Never said she used to be a Lawyer. And I see why. And I see she stole lots of money. I read from over 50 people that Invested in her Business. Which in 2020 went under. The Court System shut her down. I had no idea when I knew her any of this. I just thought she had this App Business and that was it. She is. She’s a pathological liar

  3. She’s the red headed chubby one. The other got black hair. That’s Sally.

    • Ya. Krissy the 1 with red hair. The other I don’t remember hers.

    • Ya. Krissy the fat one. And the Woman in the picture is not Krissy. Who ever posted this blog put the wrong picture….. Krissy is fatter in the face.

  4. Have you heard of Giovanni Vitulli that Bartends at GymBar. Gio got recruited by Krissy to find people he knew to intro to Krissy. And manipulate them into Investing in her App. And Gio did. And he knew it was a scam she had going too.

    • Xo 💘…….. Gossip Gurl here……. 💘 xo

      Your latest on all the Krissy Barseen App Ponzi Scheme Investment Fraud… Fraud.

      Yes Giovanni was involved. And he was also fired from TransAmerica. The one on Wilshire. TransAmerica fired him when they were shown proof that Gio was involved in an Investment Fraud Money Making Scheme. That was back in 2016. He’s Barrrrrrtending at GymBar in West Hollywood till Covid shut everything down.

  5. If you ever run into her…… Don’t look at her in the eyes. You will turn to stone. And she will grab your wallet and run.

      • She will steal your wallet…. Take your money. Before turning you to stone…… 😂 lol

    • Oh yes she is. Krissy and Sally too both are very mistrusting people.

  6. I have got to share this…. This to show you what kind of Woman Krissy Schuh. Beyond being a sleaze. And not someone you ever can trust.

    My Roommate knows one of the Investors. He says when the guy…. The investor…. Found out Krissy stole money from a Client she Represented back when she was a Lawyer. And she was Disbarred for it. He contacted her and said when their contract is up. He wants his money back.

    She responded. Fine…… A few months later he says. Ok Our contract is up….. She continued saying to give her more time. He said No…. You agreed when our Contract is up that you would give 100% of my Investment plus interest. Or he said he will sue………..

    She threatened him. Said that if he filed a Lawsuit she will Contact his Family… Etc.

    He still filed a Lawsuit.

    This is the Kind of Woman she is…… She lies to People. She threatens People. She Steals from people.

    Does this sound like a Woman you would ever want to do Business with. Does she sound Honest. That she can be Trusted……. Hell No.

    Krissy Schuh is a very mistrusting Woman.


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