ComputerShare Reviews, Complaints & Contacts


ComputerShare Reviews, Complaints & Contacts

ComputerShare Reviews, Complaints & Contacts

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ComputerShare reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Mar 30, 2008.
The latest review Charges Incurred re Bounced Cheques was posted on Jun 16, 2021.
The latest complaint Scam company was resolved on Nov 17, 2014.
ComputerShare has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 51 reviews.
ComputerShare has resolved 8 complaints.

ComputerShare Customer Service Contacts

+61 394 155 000 (Australia, Head Office)
+64 94 888 700 (New Zealand)
+1 212 805 7100 (United States, New York)
+1 416 263 9200 (Canada, Toronto)
+44 370 703 0300 (United Kingdom, London)
+45 45 460 999 (Denmark)
+49 89 309 030 (Germany, Munich)
+353 12 163 100 (Ireland, Dublin)
+39 645 417 401 (Italy, Rome)
+31 102 298 488​ (Netherlands)
+41 622 057 700 (Switzerland)
+86 105 673 3200 (China, Beijing)
+86 216 043 3672 (China, Shanghai)
+852 28 628 555 (Hong Kong)
+27 113 705 000 (South Africa)
Yarra Falls, 452 Johnston Street
Abbotsford, Victoria

New Zealand

159 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna

Fax: +64 94 888 787

Lottenborgvej 26 D, 1. sal, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby


Heron House, Corrig Road, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18
Fax: +353 12 163 150

TEK Building, Armagh Rd, Co. Monaghan, Ireland

Via Monte Giberto, 33, 00138 Roma
Fax: +39 645 417 450

Via Lorenzo Mascheroni, 19 – 20145 Milano
Fax: +39 246 776 850
Via Nizza, 262/73 – 10126 Torino
Fax: +39 110 923 202

The Netherlands

Westplein 11, 3016 BM Rotterdam

c/ Zurbarán 18, 5ª pl, 28010 Madrid

Svärdvägen 21, 182 33, Danderyd

Baslerstrasse 90, 4600 Olten, Schweiz


Suite 907-909, Tower W1, Oriental Plaza, 1 East Chang An Ave, Dong Cheng District, Beijing, China, 100738
Fax: +86 106 622 0486


#50-51, F/22, Office Tower 3, Raffles City Changning, No. 1193 Changning Road, Changning District, Shanghai, 200051

Hong Kong

183 Queens Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Fax: +852 28 650 990

South Africa

Rosebank Towers 15 Biermann Avenue Rosebank Gauteng
Fax: +27 116 885 200

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ComputerShare Complaints & Reviews

LindaEls — United Kingdom

Jun 16, 2021

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Computershare — Charges Incurred re Bounced Cheques

I have been having an ongoing issue with my shareholder cheques which have recently been returned by Bank of America in the US. My bank, Halifax, in the UK have only been told that the cheques are “returned to sender” with no further information being provided.

This has, therefore, meant that I have incurred bank charges and a loss in the conversion rate of the cheques being returned.

To be quite honest this has been ongoing now for nearly 7-8 months and although the Regulatory Complaints Department have been involved no resolution has been received. The team say I need to speak to Computershare who then indicate that I need to speak to Bank of America. I have asked them on numerous occasions to advise a time when they are calling as this normally the evening in the UK and I end up missing the call. They have only ever once arrange a time. Recently, the department have tried to call but have not arranged a time as requested so I have missed their calls. Although recently they have given me a number at Computershare and I was advised that Computershare would call me but this is not the case.

I have also incurred overseas phone charges from the UK.

In light of the above I would like to be reimbursed the monies owed.

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Jonathan Weaver — USA

Jun 01, 2021

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Computershare — online brokerage services

Computershare was the agent for Spectera/Enbridge Stock which was once a part of Duke Energy.
Computershare’s customer service is NON-EXISTENT. They have been holding shares of Enbridge for over a year since I first requested the shares to be sold.
They claim they have NO means to sell the shares online. I interpret their actions as being they simply refuse.
AVOID Computershare.
I suggest, that if you have assets held by them, move them to a reputable brokerage.
Another Complaint I have is they charge unreasonable prices to purchase shares. At one time, before I knew the extent of their fraud, I considered purchasing shares of other companies. What I found is they charge large fees whereas purchasing from most online brokerages would be no commission buys.

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Computershare — Registration process

This is the worst web service that I have ever utilized for a financial service, the worst.

I go through the online verification process, register successfully, and then receive a reply that I will get a response email in 7-14 days, then I can access my account. Hey, this is 2021. Letters do not arrive in the mail due to USPS incompetence. Certainly there has to be a better registration process.

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unkjwea — Nebo, North Carolina, USA

Dec 12, 2020

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Computershare — Cannot transfer or sell shares

Online service will NOT allow me to sell or transfer shares.
I’ve initiated at least three requests to transfer ENB ordinary shares into an account at Fidelity.
All appropriate documentation was submitted to Fidelity.
The curious aspect is that In April, I successfully transferred a part of my ENB from Computershare to Fidelity. Same Stock, Same brokerages, Same transaction request.

Can’t sell, can’t transfer. Sounds like Computershare is trying to prevent me from getting my money.

I won’t send account or personal info in this complaint and I will try to work DIRECTLY with Computershare, however, they insulate themselves behind their web-wall and there doesn’t seem to be anyone responding to my requests for information. The company Computershare should be shut-down.

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Jennifer Gatley — USA

Dec 23, 2019

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Computershare — non receipt of money from sale of shares

On 25 November i sold my ABSA Group share via the dealership desk in Johannesburg. Initially there was some confusion re the bank account but eventually everything was sorted out and the sale was completed. I have the reference number. Unfortunately I still have not received the proceeds from this sale after numerous calls and telephone discussions. The problem is that I am phoning South Africa from the UK and I frequently get cut off. Only this morning I asked specifically for the agent who I have dealt with on a number of occasions and without even verifying my identity i was cut off after I had said I hoped he could explain why I had not yet received my money. So far I have spent over £200 (almost R4000) on phone calls and not received any reason why this has not been paid. I am planning on contacting the ombudsmen as a next step.

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AmyDavis681 — USA

Sep 30, 2019

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Computershare — stocks

I have been back and forth with this company for 13 years now and today is the final straw. First I updated my maiden name and address which, to there credit, is the only thing that has been done right. Then I tried to remove my father from the account which should have happened when I turned 18. The paperwork to remove him gets lost on their end, disturbing considering how much personal information it contained. Then I fill it all out again and he gets removed but my, incredibly simple, name gets misspelled. I call to fix that and get told I have to go through all the paperwork for a 3rd time So I wrote and e-mail and got a call the next day with a girl swearing up and down she could fix it all and I wouldn’t have to do the paperwork again. Given the total incompetence up to this point I really shouldn’t have been surprised that I got sent something today with my maiden name, not my updated name, and my father is on the account again! She somehow made things worse than when she started. I call to get this all fixed again and get told there are paper versions of the stocks and that’s why they can’t remove him? But they did! They can remove him because they already did when they misspelled my name!! She is saying I have to fill out more paperwork, pay for a notary, and pay $80! For something that never existed? Why was this issue never mentioned before? All the sudden this other issue that no one else caught magically exists? Now I am going to be out close to $100 by the time this is all said and done due to the incompetence of their staff? They have had 13 years worth of chances but I’ve had these stocks 30+ years. I have been beyond reasonable. All I need is:
1. My father taken off as a custodian
2. My name spelled correctly
3. Checks that I cannot cash due to the aforementioned issues reissued with the correct information.
That is it. That is all that needs to be done. I shouldn’t have to beg for simple every day things. Let alone wait 13 years for it. This is all they need to do to make me happy. I am just asking for them to do their jobs.

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  • St

    staying indoors
    Apr 06, 2020

    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer

    Verified customer

    Open a new brokerage, execute an ACATS transfer in entirety, and deal with it through them.
    Computershare is friendly to huge businesses, not tiny consumers.

    *I recommend Robinhood because they’re fee-free and offer fractional trading

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Sep 09, 2019

Computershare — email scamming

I just got an email from this company, Computershare, with a brand new password for my account because I…

Jul 06, 2019

Computershare — unethical behaviour, fraudulently withholding funds

I have been attempting to get the MetLife shares which I have held since 2003 out of Computershare and into…

Angelina Sardina — USA

Apr 05, 2019

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Computer Share — service sucks they stole from me and now they are ignoring me.

A company called computer share was supposed to direct deposit the money from my wife stock into our account at the bank. These people had the audacity to say they don’t have a trace number for where the money went. Several supervisors said they would handle the situation. One of their employees today me to get a lawyer. Please repost this and spread the word they are thieves

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Apr 02, 2019

Computershare — stocks

Bought 2 minimum buy in stocks, all was ok till the 2nd day..Both stocks went up approx 2.5% after the bell…

Jan 01, 2019

Computershare Inc Rhode Island — trying to steal stock left to by parents and refusing to complete a full transfer

August 22nd 2018 to december 17 and 26th 2018
Computershare has since being contacted by me of my mother…

Computershare — stock plan account

I am trying to transfer shares out of my Computershare account to my Charles Schwab account. Schwab ha…

Computershare — coca cola shares

I called computershare several times regarding my Coca Cola shares. They show no record of my checking…

Computershare Investors — investment money

My dad passed away a couple of years ago. We discovered that he had an “investment” with AV HOMES through this Computer Share place. When we called to try to close his account, they said we would have to change the account into our names.
Of course there is a form you need to send in to do that, then there is the Medallion Signature Guarantee, but if you want to waive that you can pay 50.00 and send a copy of your “government issued” ID.
Now we get to the part where they have figured out how to get even more of your money if you don’t have the original certificates (which as far as I know may have never even existed)… (have you ever had the chore of cleaning out a deceased relative’s place…?) So after you send them 80.00 for the missing certificates, and 50.00 to change the stock into your possession, then there is the question remaining if you will actually be able to get hold of the money (for us it the balance would be 69.00!) or close the account. Here is a sample of just one way they will try not to pay out…
“Please note that if this stock has a book entry option, certificate requests may only be fulfilled by the owner entering requests via our Investor Centre web site or by contacting a customer service agent, after this transfer has been completed on our records. * Instructions requesting certificates that accompany a transfer request will not be fulfilled if a book entry option exists.* Note that certificate requests may have a fee requirement.”
Basically this company just finds more ways not to pay out the stock and /or collect more money from relatives who are trying to settle an estate. Oh yeah, then there is the disclaimer at the bottom of the most recent statement: Important: Unclaimed property laws require Computershare Transfer Agent to show periodic contact from you otherwise your state of residence may require your shares and or uncashed checks to be turned over to the state as “abandoned.”
Maybe once the money is “abandoned” we can check with unclaimedmoney.com to get it…
In my opinion this company is a rip off and I want nothing more to do with them. They can keep the money, may it will fuel the fire that destroys them.

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Computershare — customer service

On 18 Jan 2018 – I called Computershare South Africa a couple of times, every time I was transferred to end…


Computershare — payment not received

They confirmed online and verbally that my stocks was sold on Oct 31. They wired payment but their remitter…


Computershare — website and multiple account issues

I work for Western International Securities and we have over 75 clients that have various stocks held at…

Computershare — they still haven’t paid my money

They wanted me to update my CHF Account details in my profile to pay my money. I did and informed them. They…

Nelson Diniz — Brazil

This review was posted by
a verified customer

Verified customer

Computershare — one of my common stock accounts doesn’t show up on the screen.

I am a non us resident and I have 2 common stock accounts (Individual and Joint). When log in the joint account, it shows up in the screen as usual, but when log in the individual one, I get a message that I don’t have an account. !!!
Both accounts are related to the same Company. Robotic help available in the site doesn’t cover such a kind of doubts.

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Computershare — direct distribution at a cost of $0.00

In 2012 I was distributed shares of Facebook mainly class b with some class a shares also. Opened an account…

Published at Wed, 16 Jun 2021 5:30:2 GMT

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