My mother was recently scammed by a person who befriended her on Facebook of USD80, 000. They had exchanged conversations initially over FB, then subsequently over WhatsApp and developed a virtual relationship through chat over months. My mum was hooked into transferring her life savings through the classic parcel and courier scam method.

This individual appears to be cat-fishing using pictures of a handsome middle-aged man obtained from what I suspect to be an Instagram profile that isn’t his. My mother remains in denial that she has been scammed, and holds firm to the delusion that the person she has been conversing with matches the person in the photos.

I figured the best way of breaking this delusion is by identifying who the true identity of the person in the photos is. I’ve tried reverse image search using Google Images, Yandex, SauceNAO and Tineye so far and have found only 2 photos on a Vietnamese and Chinese dating website that match with this profile (both appear to also be cat-fishing).

The police are involved, but their focus remains on freezing the transactions if possible – not on the mental well being of my mother.

Apart from this being for my mother though, I believe the person in the photos also deserves to know his photos are being exploited by these scammers.

Would appreciate all advice on the next course of action.

TLDR: I need help in identifying the true identity behind photos of a male that a scammer is using to catfish.

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Published at Wed, 09 Jun 2021 06:04:11 GMT

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