Someone is using my photos on meetme


Someone is using my photos on meetme

Someone is using my photos on meetme

So I (29f) found out a couple months ago from my boss someone was using my photos on an app called meetme. My boss sent me a screenshot and the name was under something similar to my name but not exactly so the name being used was Heather B and my name is pretty similar, starts with and H and last name starts with B. Anyways all my boss said was that his wife “came across the profile” on there and pointed it out to him like “is that the girl you recently hired?”. I’m not sure how true that story is of how he came to know about the profile but he did send me screenshots. After that I kinda left it at that.

Flash forward to last week, a guy on Facebook messaged me saying he was pretty sure someone was using my photos on meetme to catfish him and it was using pictures from my Facebook calling themselves Brittany. He said they contacted him and were pretty aggressive in asking for dick pics. He said it felt off right away and kinda realized something wasn’t adding up bc him and I are friends on fb (although don’t know each other that well) but he could tell it wasn’t me by the behavior. He said we went to report the page but it was already gone.

Idk why but I strongly feel like it could be someone I’m actually fb friends with doing this although I’m not entirely sure. My profile isn’t private so someone who isn’t my friend could pull photos from it if they wanted. Anyways, I want to make a meetme profile and try to see if I can find anymore profiles using my photos. I’ve never used meetme or any dating app and don’t know the best way to approach this. I want to find out who’s doing it if possible, especially if it’s someone I’m fb friends with.

Anyone have any ideas/tips/advice on how I should proceed?

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Published at Wed, 09 Jun 2021 06:05:01 GMT

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