I matched with this guy on Coffee Meets Bagel. We talked for a about a day on the app before he asked me for my number. While talking on the app we discussed common interests and he told me he was looking for a serious relationship and then told me a little about his job and that he’s usually very busy with clients throughout the day so don’t take his unresponsiveness as not being interested.

While texting we had very general conversation. The conversation picked up when we found had common interests. He called me and I realized he had an accent. l which I wasn’t expecting as his profile mentioned he lived in the same state as me. I asked him about this a he said he was born in Baltimore but moved to Libya with his Dad and livd there for 18 years which is why he has the accent. He moved back to the US when his Dad died.

We’ve talked about a lot of things. He told me about his pst relationships, his job (chemical engineer, a supplier for a well know gas station), his family etc.

He’s shared pictures with me and that’s where it’s seemed a little off. Some of the pictures looked cropped and like they were screenshot from an IG page. When I brought this to his attention he got upset and said he doesn’t have time for games like that and maybe we are not a good fit because I’m thinking so negatively. He wished me the best of luck lol

Once we hashed that out. I let him know my expectations around FaceTiming. He said that be ok.

He calls frequently and texts me every morning and throughout the day. Once I tried to FaceTime him and the call didn’t go through. 🧐

Then one morn he called to tell me he was flying to Moscow for work because one of the refineries there has a production problem and he needs to be on site. He said he was planning on meeting me that weekend but this came up and changed his plans.

While at the airport he called and then called again as he was boarding but I wasn’t able to answer. He said he had a layover in london and would call me when he got there. About 11 hours later he called (which is about the right amount of time or a flight to london from the state we live in). Then he called again when he got to Russia. He also gave me his email address in case we weren’t able to communicate by phone for any reason.

The next day, while we were talking on the phone he said “let’s FaceTime right now” but then I got no FaceTime call. I called him back and he said his phone isn’t allowing him to FaceTime and that it has a question mark there 🧐

He claims he’s coming back from Russia on Friday and has told me what he has planned for our date when he comes back but with the sketchy pictures and the not being able to FaceTime thing I’m very worried he’s not real.

I’ve tried reverse searching his images on Yandex, Google and Socialfish to no avail.

He also sent me a suggestive pic and the hand in the pic doesn’t match the hand in the pics from other photos in my opinion. Also when I save some of the images he’s sent me to my camera roll, they show different dates. Not sure what that means as some of them show the date I saved them.

What’s a sure way to find out if he’s real?

Also he’s never asked me for money or anything like that.

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Published at Mon, 07 Jun 2021 22:49:09 GMT

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