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Megan Brace

Megan Brace

This b!tch will be f*cking around with multiple guys and still try and get with her friends mans! Then she’ll get with someone who’s friends with someone she used to be with who’s married! Not to mention she has gave multiple people DRDs watch out bys

Published at Fri, 28 May 2021 19:0:2 GMT


  1. Hey Michelle this guy says he knows you. And he said a few things that make sense of it aboult you. He said you wanted him bad in 2015. Met you online. And you didn’t take rejection well. I told him aboult your Tim. And him abd you married at City Hall. I told him to check out the bloggs. He gave me his email addy. I emailed him texts from last September and October. And I sent him the screen shots from last fall. He said he wished he saved all the stuff you texted him. He said it was some crazy stuff. Now I’m waiting to hear back what he said he’d send me. He said you even created fake Woman online profiles on the dating app. To see if he’d hookup with them. I said that EUNHOHOO is you and Rusty is too. He said chances are it is them.

  2. 🏍🏍 New Michelle page🏍🏍 on another site.🏍🏍

    Im surprised Michelle hasnt found the blogg I did a month ago. Heres a hint. Its not on this site. Its a totally different site. And lots of postings from people. A guy name Peter. Rolando. Some Wendy Who swears as much as you do Michelle. Im guess shes the Wendy your friend that post on the Bloggs since last year. A guy named Stan. And my son calling you Michelle out for all she is. A broke bitch.
    If you dont find it by some time August. Maybe I’ll do the big reveal. And tell you myself. But Im hoping you do on your own. That makes it more fun. Why just give you the link πŸ”— and make it easy. Better to have you work for it. He He He

  3. Things we are still waiting on the proof from Michelle to show. 1. Proof she made 80k. 2. Proof that there’s all these Restraining Orders on me. 3. That she has a pool. 4. That she has Solar Panels on the roof of her Fixer Upper. Proof that she’s not EUNOHOO. 5. Proof that the House she lives in is hers. And she’s not renting. 6. Proof she didn’t fike bankruptcy. 7. That she did not call that Charlie Wilkens a Fagg.

    I can say. She will cuss and swear at me using EUNOHOO’S name or another name. Call me fat and all kinds of other names. But she won’t show any proof of what just said above. Because she can’t. And her other excuse will be on this site she can’t post pix. But Michelle there’s ither ways to show the proof if you could. But you can’t.

  4. Jesus idiot…how many times did you post this? The only thing you are proving is that you are obsessed and jealous of Michelle.

    Who the fuck do you think you are? Michelle doesn’t owe you shit, you dumb cunt! Even if she did show you proof, you wouldn’t believe her anyway.

    Her pool is posted on her Facebook page. Since you are more than likely blocked, have Kaember show you. You are always saying how you and Kaember are so close and that he shows and tells you everything he finds online. Well then, have him show you Michelle’s pool.

    • Danger in the shape
      Of somethin’ wild
      Stranger dressed in black
      She’s a hungry child
      No one knows who she is
      Or what her name is
      I don’t know where she came from
      Or what her game is
      Hot child in the city
      Hot child in the city
      Runnin’ wild and lookin’ pretty
      Hot child in the city
      So young to be loose
      And on her own
      Young boys, they all want
      To take her home
      She goes downtown
      The boys all stop and stare
      When she goes downtown
      She walks like she just don’t care, yeah
      Hot child in the city
      Hot child in the city
      Runnin’ wild and lookin’ pretty, yeah
      Hot child in the city
      Come on down to my place, baby
      We’ll talk about love
      Come on down to my place, woman
      We’ll make love!
      Hot child in the city
      (Hot child in the city)
      She’s kind of dangerous
      (Hot child in the city)
      Young child
      (Runnin’ wild and lookin’ pretty)
      Young child, runnin’ wild
      Hot child in the city
      (Hot child in the city)
      Hot child in the city
      (Hot child in the city)
      Hot child in the city
      (Hot child in the city)
      Hot child in the city
      (Hot child in the city)

      • She doesn’t know me, so I can go through her profile, unnoticed. This is what the dipshit wrote last year (Sept 2021). Always playing victim. πŸ™„

        Yesterday I posted a link to rip off reports to the harassment I’m under from 100 s of people I don’t even know. I can’t understand this behavior and The high school bullying nature of it all. I took it down after the latest onslaught where someone has created an account in my name and relayed as me of a account of a brutal physical attack on myself. And I received a threat from the black panthers to beat me down for using the N word. That is just the tip of the iceberg. It was too awful to share so I deleted it. I don’t know why but I feel like the world is testing me. I don’t know why all these people I don’t know are attacking me. I’m going to speak to va legal but otherwise not engage these people. But I am praying for all these people because what else should I do. Friends I am really seeking advice. I want to post some happy things. Fun things. Jojo

        • Oh god. She always plays the victim. Charlie tell me that all the time. She just wants attention. That’s what narcissist’s do.

          • Rock the boat
            DontRock the boat baby
            Rock the boat
            Dont tip the boat over
            Say I like to know it
            You got the motion
            Say I like to have it
            Dont tip the boat over
            Rock the boat
            Dont rock the boat over
            Rock the boat baby
            Rock the boat
            Dont tip the boat over

          • Holy shit! She’s freaking out! Gotta cover up the posts. The stupid bitch wants to know your business so badly, yet doesn’t seem interested. Why doesn’t she get that wonderful son of hers to look you up, so she can see your pool. Jo knows you have one. She just wants to be a jealous bitch who lives in her own fantasy world, where her lies comfort her. She lies and tells herself anything to make herself feel better. That pathetic piece of shit!

          • Body, remember not only how much you were loved,
            not only the beds on which you lay,
            but also those desires for you
            that glowed plainly in the eyes,
            and trembled in the voiceβ€”and some
            chance obstacle made futile.
            Now that all of them belong to the past,
            it almost seems as if you had yielded
            to those desiresβ€”how they glowed,
            remember, in the eyes gazing at you;
            how they trembled in the voice, for you, remember, body.

            It’s the very brevity of those glances, the pathos of how little happened, that makes the emotion so strong and the verb loved in the first line so appropriate. That Cavafy’s love life was homosexual and covert adds to the emotion.

        • La la la la
          Ha ha ha ha
          Ma ma ma ma
          Bla bla bla bla
          Ca ca ca ca
          Ra ra ra ra
          Pa pa pa pa

        • Come and knock on our door… (Come and knock on our door)
          We’ve been waiting for you…. (We’ve been waiting for you)
          Where the kisses are hers and hers and his,
          Three’s company too.

          Come and dance on on our floor… (Come and dance on on our floor)
          Take a step that is new… (Take a step that is new)
          We’ve a loveable space that needs your face,
          Three’s company too.

          You’ll see that life is a ball again, laughter is calling for you…
          Down at our rendezvous… (Down at our rendezvous)
          Three’s company too!

          [Extended Version continues:]
          Down at our rendezvous… (Down at our rendezvous)
          Three’s company too!

      • The weel on the bus goes
        Round n round
        Round n round
        Round n round
        The wheel on the bus goes round n round
        So early in the morning

      • Obie Trice
        Real name no gimmicks
        Two trailer park girls go ’round the outside
        ‘Round the outside, ’round the outside
        Two trailer park girls go ’round the outside
        ‘Round the outside, ’round the outside
        Guess who’s back, back again
        Shady’s back, tell a friend
        Guess who’s back, guess who’s back?
        Guess who’s back, guess who’s back?
        Guess who’s back, guess who’s back?
        Guess who’s back?
        I’ve created a monster, ’cause nobody wants to see Marshall no more
        They want Shady, I’m chopped liver
        Well if you want Shady, this is what I’ll give ya
        A little bit of weed mixed with some hard liquor
        Some vodka that’ll jump start my heart quicker
        Then a shock when I get shocked at the hospital
        By the doctor when I’m not cooperating
        When I’m rocking the table while he’s operating (hey)
        You waited this long to stop debating
        ‘Cause I’m back, I’m on the rag and ovulating
        I know-that you got a job, Ms. Cheney
        But your husband’s heart problem’s complicating

  5. Michelle’s life is so awesome 😎 in her own personal pool. Fat ugly Hojo the Sea Hag has to share her apartment pool with all of Tuscon’s trifling ass, ghetto niggas. The jealousy is just pouring out of Hojo’s veins and is leaving a massive piss stain. That’s okay. All the niggas are pissing in the pool anyway, cuz they ain’t never had no home training. Their pee and chlorine will frizz up your Jew curl even worse!

    • “I crave your mouth, your voice, your hair. Silent and starving, I prowl through the streets. Bread does not nourish me, dawn disrupts me, all day I hunt for the liquid measure of your steps. I hunger for your sleek laugh, your hands the color of a savage harvest, hunger for the pale stones of your fingernails, I want to eat your skin like a whole almond. I want to eat the sunbeam flaring in your lovely body, the sovereign nose of your arrogant face, I want to eat the fleeting shade of your lashes, and I pace around hungry, sniffing the twilight, hunting for you, for your hot heart, like a puma in the barrens of Quitratue.” β€” “Love Sonnet XI” by Pablo Neruda


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