Dallas Lotze Australia


Dallas Lotze Australia

Dallas Lotze Australia

I cant believe I fell for his lying cheating lousy in bed arse. He really knew how to talk his way out of any situation or turn it around so your the one that felt bad and apologised, what a master manipulator. I don’t think he knows what the truth is or what is real. i know when he was seeing me he was seeing 3 others i found out. No wonder he never had time for me, and his poor daughter having woman come and go not a great environment to be bringing up a young lady just disgusting. He uses his daughter and business as an excuse not to see you so he could go f**k others. I am just happy im not around that f**k wit anymore poisoning my mind and my body just glad i didn’t an STD. Be warned ladies you are nothing to him but a piece of meat he likes to control you mean absolutely nothing to this selfish lying c**t.

Published at Fri, 16 Apr 2021 5:35:1 GMT


  1. You pour thing you must be mentally messed up over this , you sound like all the others that Were more than happy to lay on her back but yet cry victim when you got dumped or brushed for something better. Fingers crossed that you see the light and can get over him and not waste your time thinking about him everyday and night and investing so much of your precious time posting pointless rubbish thinking you’re going to save the world .

  2. I think your right he is delusional and lives in a world that he created thinking he is definitely a better person than he really actually is. He has no care factor or conscious, he has no feelings what so ever a true fkn narcissist. The only person that matters in the world of Dallas is Dallas and who he screws over and hurts along the way means nothing to him. Stay as far away from him as possible ladies or you will be truly sorry.

    • look here still another lonely woman that can’t get over me 😂🖕🏼😂 I’m
      So glad to see you are still investing time to post more rubbish about me , I’m so happy I’m still in your everyday thoughts lol you can’t let go and this is clear proof lol you pour thing you are truly fucking scarred and you still can’t find a man bahahahahaha sucks to be you . I bet your still doing this in two years you lonely pathetic woman . I’m over the fucking moon to see this post . I don’t have to do anything to piss you off or make you think about me lol absolutely nothing and I love it . Keep up the posts so I know your thinking about me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😘🖕🏼

  3. He had me fooled for far too long, I truly feel for him, and his lies. Until one day I saw messages from other women and naked pictures they were sending him, made me feel sick to my stomach that he could look you in the eye and lie straight to you. There were always excuse after excuse to not see me and now I know, he was out fucking every other woman around town. I went and got tested as soon as I saw it all thank God no STD, you never know where that tiny cock has been before it saw you that day. Lying, cheating arsehole.


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