Paige Janzen Big problem causer


Paige Janzen Big problem causer

Don’t trust this b1tch around your man, or anything in general. She is better at talking sh1t then she is at anything else. Thinks she’s the sh1t because she works a desk job at a bank and has some ratty a55 hair extensions that look like they’re disintegrating by the second. I would never want a person like her in my life, she will downgrade you and talk sh1t behind your back – quite two faced with a forked tongue. Concerning that she is the biggest cvnt In Abby but acts like she’s so sweet. Also have fun with her in bed if you ever go there, has the biggest fvpa I have ever seen. If I could describe her in one way it’d be a movie character from mean girls.

Published at Mon, 29 Mar 2021 15:40:59 GMT

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  1. 🏍Michelle Corner is a Republican. She hates Gays. She Voted for Trump and is Anti Abortion🏍

    This Damaged sloot is a lost cause she sleeps with anything as long as they have money and suck them dry like a succubus. She has a fiance who shes always cheating on at the strip club. She is a drug addict who ditches her 3 young children to go get f**d and and spreads the clap around you can hear her clapping from miles away . She will leave her kids to go to Toronto and floozy Herself on leo list! insecurities truly show because she puts down normal women who do well for them selves she will body shame them and worse but don’t forget she god her b00bs and lips done lol like seriously. Watch out for this gold digger. She is one really gross women


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