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Foul Speakers is the the latest search engine and web archive dedicated to documenting the work of the internet’s foulest speakers. People who post disparaging and often false accusations against people alleging outrageous, obscene, or otherwise undesirable behavior are the foul speakers whose words you are most likely to find in our results. 

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The latest reports of marital infidelity and cheating partners from cheater reporting websites.

Kayla jones — Kayla

This is Kayla and her car George. Kayla carried on an online affair with my husband for over a year….
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Bastard Cheater » Cheaters News – Bad Girl Reports

Complaint Against Cheaters Share Shameless Korean Dirty JerkMother FuckerHas a Very „Short Penis“ . Very little as same as his…
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Justin Smith Is A Cheater – Bad Girl Reports

I was married to Justin from 2005 to 2010 and he cheated on me more than once, and he will…
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Randy Johnson & Roxanne Allison — Woodward, Oklahoma

These two right here are the lowest of low! They got together right under his wife’s nose; when one of…
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Samara Hensley Richmond, Kentucky

This is to my home wrecker. Please don’t misunderstand. My husband is responsible. Her actions afterwards have shown that she…
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Daniel Shreeve — My Marine has no integrity or honor

We were engaged.. living together.. we had just bought a home. I spent hours caring for his children, packing, cleaning,…
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Erinn Copeland — Orcutt, California

Sleeps with married men. Does not seem to care about breaking up families. A sorry excuse for a human being….
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Ivy Mae McGinnis — Cheyenne, Wyoming

“Poison” Ivy can’t find her own man even though she has 3 kids with 3 different ones. She likes the…
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Jarrel Crocker — Franklin, Tennessee

This is my ex husband Jarrel Crocker. He sleeps with women off craigslist and now he is sleeping with a…
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Melanie Byrd (Rowe) Las Vegas, Nevada

I have been married for 11 years to a man I thought was amazing. I was wrong, and this past…
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Rumors from gossip monger websites whose users post allegations pertaining to a broad range of topics.

Sabrina Perez AKA Bri Nilam

Sabrina Perez AKA Bri Nilam. This is Sabrina Perez or Bri. Other last name is Nilam. Absolutely the most volatile…
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Brittany Nicole Robinson Daughter-in-law of the Robinson insurrection family, married to Linwood Jr, charged for taking part in the Jan…
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Nasty Natalie B Olsen

DA meet Natalie Olsen aka nasty Natalie B Olsen as she is known around Chicago, she will sleep…
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BRIAN S KORTE: Nothing Matters

Brian S Korte FreePA member and Insurrectionist who was charged for taking part in the Jan 6 Capitol Riots Location:…
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Chantel Buenbrazo the fish market

This girl thinks she’s something special , she’s 36 , still lives in her parents , strips and…
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Bradley James Bokoski Insurrectionist who was charged for taking part in the Jan 6 Capitol Riots with his son. Location:…
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Kaleigh Fennimore DRDs infected b1tch

Watch the fuk out for this one. Likes to have unprotected sex and spread her DRds to the…
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Benjamin Scott Robinson Younger son of the Robinson insurrection family, charged for taking part in the Jan 6 Capitol Riots…
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Victoria Wng

THE DIRTY ARMY: What can I say about vicky that has not been said on the dirty befor ? Well…
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Hamiltons Floozy Tara Brooke Fabian

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tara Brooke Fabian of Hamilton Ontario full time floozy part time at [REDACTED]. Her Insta is [REDACTED]…
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Latest Comments

Many people use the comment boards of Foul Speakers to make sure all sides of the stories we find are told. That might not sound like much, but a lot of the sites we monitor do not allow people to post rebuttals.

What is a Foul Speaker?

A foul speaker is a foul person who speaks or a good person that speaks of a foul topic. When that person speaks online in a manner demonstrating the foulness of their character or that of others then they are a foul speaker whose speech we hope to document. That is why our crawler targets sources that are almost exclusively used by foul speakers to speak their minds.

What is a Foul Topic?

A foul topic is any topic involving an undesirable issue. An issue is undesirable if it involves anything that is reasonably objectionable or unpleasant.

What is a Foul Person?

A foul person is a thinker of impure thoughts. A thought is impure if it involves dirty imagery, spiteful ideations, violent fantasies, ugly ideas, or anything else negative in nature.

What About Lies?

A lie is on of the most foul types of speech that there is. False statements are typically far more deserving of inclusion in a foul speech archive than truthful ones. We will not remove results simply because they are false because when someone claims that a statement is false they are admitting that it was made by a foul speaker.

What if Someone Believes What They Read?

Foul Speakers has developed the Dumbass Test for anyone thinking of believing what they read online. Direct anyone you think might believe something they read on the internet to the Dumbass Test. If they pass the test you should have nothing to worry about.

Do You Ever Remove Anything?

Sometimes we remove speech that crosses the line from being foul to also being illegal or just way too foul for us to tolerate. We discuss removal options on our Removal Options Page.

Can I Be a Foul Speaker?

Anyone can be a foul speaker and so can you. Foul Speakers currently operates several websites that foul speakers use regularly. You can find ads promoting them to your right on a desktop and below on a mobile device. Click on one to begin your foul speaking career today.